May 05, 2008


When you get married and have decide, or accidentally have a child, then 3 more children, shouldn't (and I know this sounds a little far fetched) you're priorities lie with those children? As a parent isn't it a major goal that your children get a quality education, upbringing, a home that resembles stability and loving attention? Apparently not to my sister-in-law.

My sister-in-law got pregnant before getting married at a fairly young age and apparently did not sample enough fruit so now after 4 kids ranging from ages 12 to 4 she's blinked and that all is a distant memory, she's getting divorced, already has a full-time boyfriend and is using her husband as a baby sitter while she fools around on him.

Back in November I started to wonder, because she went on this crash diet where she can only eat certain things and she gets shots of b12 once a month. I thought to myself 'Why now? What's so different and urgent to lose weight so quickly?'. We found out pretty soon why, she asked her husband for a divorce I think it was 3 months later. So she thinks she looks hot now so she can lure another unsuspecting prey into paying for her extravagant needs.

Not even a month after the divorce proceedings started she was talking about going clubbing, bar crawls, she went on a singles ski retreat for the weekend. All the while her husband and mother are looking after the kids, her mother has enabled this the whole time, taking the kids on a brief notice for days because "She needs this" "It's pedicure day, or Spa Day" ... ffs.

It just keeps getting better though, last weekend she brought her new boyfriend, with the kids, up to meet her Dad for the day. 8 hrs of driving in 1 day, most likely because they had some party to go to, or some 'Alone time' at his apartment.

Yesterday we went over to her mothers for a birthday party, she was dressed as if she hadn't gotten home, still in a black night-club dress, makeup etc. She probably went home, picked up the kids and went to her moms. It's a family gathering, most the people were there in blue jeans and t-shirts.

I can't understand how anyone could be so selfish, her excuse for divorce? "He's been talking to a woman online and compared me to her". Seriously, that was her excuse, really it was, I'm not kidding.

I want to meet the man that is willing to take on 4 children and a high maintenance woman. I think her little fairytale is going to burst soon, reality will appear, kick her in the ass, or hopefully her husband will grow some and take the kids away. I know one thing, her mother would never say anything, she can do no wrong and besides, in her mother's words "Every thing's fine, she'll be fine, it'll be all fine".

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March 05, 2007

No more funny

There are some shows on tv these days that just ... should have died before the last season started. One of these is Family Guy and the other is The Simpsons. It's over people... finite... gonzo... no funny no more.

When they are producing jems like last nights 'Prom-night Dumpster Babies' and Peter hitting on his own daugher because he thinks he's a redneck. That's just... not funny. Since when is a baby singing and twirling his umbilical cord after stepping out of the dumpster where the teenage girl who just had him dumped him funny. Oh.. ha ha... yeah... dead babies and teenage mothers commiting infanticide, oh yeah.. ha .. ha.

Then The Simpsons.. well I can't point out a specific scene that has turned me off but the last season was uninspired, weird or nonsensical without being funny and just ... yawn. Sorry Matt, but I am a massive Simpsons fan from the old days when it was funny. Now they're coming out with a movie... wow... I can't see how you could drag this dreck any further. Last nights poor attempt at a Sound of Music rip-off was a good example of the un-funny that this show has become.

Friggin "My life with Jim" is funnier sometimes these days.

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January 24, 2007

Hi there

I would like to talk to you, I would like to tell you the things that are going on in my life, things that interest me, things I care about, but all that seems to come out of my mouth is





Not that my life is all that bad these days, in fact my current life is getting better; it's just that these things are always looming in the back of my mind. They taint my happiness.

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December 19, 2006


It's just 5 days 'til Christmas and what do I have to show?
So much to get that I don't know.
It's just 5 days 'til Christmas and everyone's gone mad,
glaring Mom and fuming Dad.
It's just 5 days 'til Christmas and not a penny left,
credit cards are smoking wrecks.

Fa la la la la... fu#$! Son-of-a motherless
la la la la.... out of stock
Got to run can't finish this song.

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July 26, 2006

Sick of it

How are we as a race supposed to continue and flourish when the kidnapping of 3 soldiers produces annihilation of communities and mass casualties. How is this a measured response? How can anyone support this aggression and death ? Are they attempting to start a 3rd world war, this one a holy war? Because they're starting to succeed.

If there is a God and I'm pretty sure there is, he/she/it created all of us. ALL of us. Do you that this God would want us to be killing each other over boundaries and theology? Do you think that this God would want us to torture, abuse, maim and disfigure our fellow humans? If your world is so small that you can't see past the end of your gun/holy book maybe you should go back in your hole and wait out the eventual end of times, or at least your end of times, the rest of us all want to live.

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July 19, 2006


Quick post... our new Honda Fit is ready at 7 pm today, and the sales guy is picking me up from home tonight to go pick up the car. Here is another view of the car.

I'm excited, scared, freaking out... all the usual. It's a cool little car, and It will be great to drive.

I realize I need a new car, but the thought of another loan... doesn't especially thrill me.

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May 19, 2006

One less quack

We drive killing machines
We drive them every day, they roll across dead manufactured soil, they stop only when the other machines stop. They obey us but we are not their masters. Our laws are the only things that prevent us from constantly killing each other, although we do kill often enough: when we're not looking, not thinking, half-asleep.

Tonight I was heading home on the freeway I always travel when the traffic all slowed to a halt suddenly. I was a few cars behind what was happening so I didn't see what was going on, I thought I saw what looked like a sparrow running around between tires, in circles. When I realized what it was and my trajectory it was too late, I felt the tiny bump as I crushed it into the asphalt. I was aghast and then I looked to my right; there was a mother mallard and 5 or 6 ducklings following her safely to the curb on the far side of the freeway. One of her young had gotten seperated from the flock and lost its way, only to find death under my front tire.

I remember the little guy running in circles near the curb, I had no time to stop. I had horrible images of my own child lost or seperated from me, running in circles because he couldn't find me. I can't say I wasn't moved and deeply saddened. Silly isn't it? A duckling?

Please, remind your children to stick close to the flock.

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November 28, 2005

It's extra money 'cause we say so

I keep seeing this ad, you've probably seen it too, the ad from Centrum, (the multivitamin people) claiming that (in my own words) "all of these ingredients {a guy standing in back of a dumptruck unloading stuff} won't match up to the science of Centrum". And then he goes along to explain that this vitamin goes with this one and this mineral goes with this hokey pokey and then you turn yourself around and voila you have health and vitality...

Who in hell would believe this shite? OK, I see 2 bottles of multivitamins, one has EXACTLY the same f@#$ing ingredients as the other, to the f@#$ing MILLIGRAM, but costs 6-8 dollars less. Am I to believe that the lesser priced bottle which also has about 80 more tablets (ok I may be exagerating) is not as valid even though it's EXACTLY THE SAME, because of the "Science of Centrum"? Who would swallow this absolute tripe? And is it just me or does this smack of falsity?

I think my 1st grade teacher would have something to say about your mathematics, Centrum. 1 + 1 = 2, but of course you would need a particular brand of science to prove the validity of that right?

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November 22, 2005

Like a duck on a frozen pond

Ok that's not the greatest analogy, but that's pretty much my opinion of GM these days. They're like this giant duck that has migrated to the same pond it's gone for years and years, but over last couple it was frozen, or freezing but it still kept coming back. Sooner or later that duck will die, frozen and chattering, stuck to the pond, not because it was old, but because it couldn't see what was going on. GM is about to close 9 Facilities and eliminate 30,000 jobs, partly because the car market is a tough one these days, and partly because it's too blind to see the train speeding at them called End of Oil.

Instead of spending the past 10 or more years looking into vehicles that conserve gas, and are easier on Mother Earth, they've focused on the almighty SUV and researched ways to make them bigger and more powerful. It makes sense in the monetary short term because hey! SUV's are popular, expensive and somehow a sign of affluence!. Pretty friggin' short sighted, even for a car company, especially one that used to be fighting for top slot. Recent reports have even estimated a 30 - 40 % chance that within the next 2 years GM will file for bankruptcy.

I suppose a positive side to them tanking would be the fire it would light under competitions asses to rethink and retool their organization. This planet really can't sustain us in our current consumptive addiction, and the air will soon no longer sustain our poisonous exhaust. This isn't a choice, it's a reality no matter who you are, where you live, no barrier for rich and poor in gas prices or availability, other than I'm sure some people are hoarding stockpiles underground somewhere, such is our nature. You also have to breathe the same air as I do, as there isn't some fancy barrier seperating the rich air from the poor air. A quick turnaround is the only thing that will save the affluent from paying for oxygen on the street from little black boxes, while the poor folk's blackened spittle is coughed up onto the sidewalk.

Am I a reactionary? I don't think so. Back in 1988 I read Whitley Striebers "Nature's End", a fictional story about the inevitable collapse of our ecosystem. Every day I see one or two things out of the book come to life: in the news, in the world around me, in the air. I originally didn't want to have kids because of the bleak future I thought think we have, but my wife said to me "What if this child found the key to save millions?". You never do know, but god damn does it make me mad when I see companies with their heads up their asses and so distant from reality.

Ok, so I strayed from the topic a bit, it's late.

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October 11, 2005

Since when

Since when is it ok to be upset at an obviously new server at Tim Horton's on a Thanksgiving friggin Monday, especially when you're at least 60, in nice clothes and you know she's getting paid shit-pay to be there while her family is at home getting drunk and eating turkey. Isn't wisdom and patience supposed to come with old age? On top of this, 15 years ago you would have been at home making you're own f#$@ing coffee, because nothing was open on holidays, or even Sundays.

Maybe the old people I'm thinking are my grandparents and my parents. Maybe baby boomer grandparents are asshats who are so self-obsessed and careless that no one else matters, let alone some poor little girl with a 60% grip on the English language, who can't talk back to them because she'd lose her job. Maybe that's a poor generalization, but I find many well-to-do boomers are completely rude and self absorbed, it shows in their interactions with service people, and the way they drive.

I can't wait to see many of the youth of today, with their lack of respect, as old people. Good god, hide the guns grandpa's on a rampage again!

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Have I ever mentioned

How much it hurt tah bite yo tongue? Gah dammit! (I'm tawking dis way becaw dat's what I did at lunch, ad the friggin' ting is beeding).

I stomped so hard on the floor somebody came into the lunchroom to see if I was ok.

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September 22, 2005

Lunch time killed my brain

What in $@#$ing hell is it with business people at lunch time? Do they suddenly forget all the rules of the road, and think they are fully entitled because they're in a hurry? Are they so self-obsessed that they can't even check their mirrors before backing out of a parking lot space or come to a stop at a $@($ing stop sign?

Today at lunch I was at the local Superstore, walking back to my car, and almost backed straight over by a bitch in a minivan. She turned the key and jammed it into reverse without even checking a mirror, I just happened to be right in the middle behind her minivan, in plain view of the rear view mirror. I leaped out of the way to save my legs and sternum, and I yelled a couple of obscenities at her all the while glaring. Come on, these are traffic @($#ing basics, people!

On the way out of the parking lot I'm driving down the road, a woman is approaching in a dodge boogie van (or whatever those 70's vans are called), I was a little concerned she wasn't going to stop, and sure enough she just stopped in time NOT to hit my car. Again, traffic basics being broken just because self-obsessed business morons are trying to hurry back to the office. Probably a good chance they also had a 2 drink lunch and a quickie so they are really running late. Maybe they think automotive homicide or a car accident makes a good late excuse.

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September 03, 2005

Initial response

Read the WHOLE post before you start ranting about how callouse and inhumane this guy is. Read the bit about the policies and lack of funding that didn't support upkeep to the levee and emergency procedures around SE Louisiana.
Don't just quote what you think the bad points are and rant about them out of context.

Just yesterday I heard on the news that Canada was going to be producing more oil to compensate for the Gulf crisis, and that the government was requesting that we conserve gas to compensate. You know what MY initial response was ? Hell no, why should we do that when they almost decimated our cattle industry and tariffed the hell out of our softwood lumber industry? Yeah! Why?

I later came to the realization of how petty my response was, and how it was looking at the smaller picture, not the larger one. North America is one continent and the gas & oil industry is linked closely from sea to sea.

If you cut the 2nd paragraph out of this post, pasted it into your own and ranted about how I was an American hater, and this and that and liberal and inhumane, you would be wrong. People have reactions to things that are not always logical or honorable, or humanistic. It's not their first reaction, but how they act on these feelings that makes them a good or bad person. We're a complicated bunch.

[Update] Oh, and now I just heard that the Superdome has been emptied, thank God. A sky full of helicopters and a fleet of buses. Just like the Cavalry no? Oh wait, the Cavalry came in the nick of time.

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July 26, 2005

I'll tip ya

Is it ever expected that when you pick up Take Out food that you tip? We frequent this chinese food place in the city fairly regularly, and I always seem to get a cold response when I take my change. Yesterday the guy almost shoo'd me out of the place. The price of the meal was $18.76, I gave him a 20, he went back to get change, comes back, gives me a look as I take the change, and says "bye bye" sweeping his hand towards the door. I was offended a bit.

Do you think I should have been? Do you know ANYONE that tips for Takeout? I sure as hell don't. Takeout in itself saves them the bother of serving the food to you, being pleasant, offering refills, you soiling their dishes, and them collecting and cleaning up the dishes. It's a win win situation for them, that's why they usually give you a discount on it. Really, if I tipped the bugger at the door I'd be giving up my 10% off, screw that right?

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June 27, 2005

Where hoochie mamas go to die

So I was at a gig HERE on Saturday. A country bar turned latin bar turned Friday night latin bar / Saturday night generic hip-hop/rap trash magnet bar. They had a dj sitting in, who obviously had no clue about the concept of taste, subtlety or the fact the place is supposed to be a latin bar. Why the f#$% do you hire a latin band if you are going to play f#$%ing shizzle fizzle music with the bass at a cardiac arrest volume?

They have latin dancing lessons on Friday nights, which is very well attended, they teach 3 or 4 styles of dancing and it's alot of fun. It's not completely packed but the people do drink, dance like crazy and the atmosphere is great. Saturday night the place turns into cheezy music and thug / hoochie mama night.

Your average woman on a attending Saturday night HERE has way too little clothes on for their body type. If you have two sets of hips when you wear tight jeans, or if you have an extra couple waists when you wear a miniskirt, maybe you shouldn't be wearing them. If your body greatly resembles an overstuffed sausage in the dress you are in, don't wear that dress. IF you that that just having big breasts is enough to shadow the fact that your regular diet is donairs and butterfingers, you are deluding yourself and damaging the vision of those around you.

The club used to be nice, almost classy, in fact. The bathrooms were always clean, you never had to wade through piss all over the floor from the toilet overflowing. You never had to wonder whether if you parked around back you'd walk in on some nogoodniks exchanging money/drugs, or piss the wrong person off and get shot.

I don't understand why you would want to have rivaling musical styles in the same club. What happens is you get the spanish speaking crowd coming, because they think it's a latin club, and then you get the black/white/other folk coming because they think it's a rap/hip-hop dance bar. Conflicting styles of music and people breeds conflict, and that's definitely been on the increase. My neighbors friends were both shot when they tangled with a guy outside the club.. Apparently the guy was part of a gang, and a week or so later his buddies shot them.

Saturday nights while the dj is on the dance floor is full of shuffling wiggling people, then when the band comes on the change in style is ridiculous; you go from Snoop Dogg to the band playing La Sonora Carruseles or Poncho Sanchez. The bands must feel so unwelcomed as the dance floor clears when they get up on the bandstand.

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June 15, 2005

Michael Jackson

So in the news.. wait what day is it? Ah screw it.

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June 13, 2005

Dragged, kicking and screaming

Every weekday I speak with people, some kind and patient, some rushed but still kind, others who are having a crappy day and whose only desire is to be difficult and inflict pain. Every weekday I talk to them, and attempt to walk them through things they have no clue about, sometimes almost dragging them, kicking and screaming into troubleshooting their problems. It always baffles me how some are afraid of the computer, literally afraid. They are unsure of themselves to the point of asking every time "Is that right click or left click?", "Do I double-click?". So many times I want to just scream, and I'm serious here, scream.

It would be a perfect day if I could have this recording at the beginning of every call:

"Thanks for calling, remember you are calling me to ask for help, I am not trying to make your life more miserable than it already is.
Please refrain from asking whether it's a right-click or left, left is to select, right is for options REMEMBER THAT.
Please just shut the $#@ up and listen, I'm trying to solve something without actually being there, YOU try fixing a broken light in a strangers house with a blindfold on.
If possible, please take your drugs before calling tech support, we don't need you going off on a tear about your kids or your dog.
Please relax, I realize you are rushed, and over-worked, but hello!! you are calling tech support, we are just as swamped as you are and make less money.
Thanks again for calling, please click 1 once you have completed the above."

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May 02, 2005

Jazz? Oh.... damn

So the inevitable has finally come: this years favorite time of year for me has been cancelled. This years Edmonton Jazz City has been cancelled because of debt and crappy management.

It is not surprising, not even a little, not with the acts and the turnout for the past few years. When you spend a chunk of cash on an unknown act (locally unknown), bringing them from Norway or Sweden, or somewhere remote, and then 20 people come to see them, what happens? You obtain debt. They had apparently accumulated $200,000 over the past 5 years.

Last year our band played a night or two somewhere in town for Jazz City and it was pretty packed, and a lot of fun. We had to wait for 2 months to get paid, and then our bandleader threatened to talk to the local tv station, and suddenly we got paid.

The good thing about it, is the local Jazz society has stepped up to the plate, along with 4 downtown restaurants to hold a much less official and (from what it sounds like) much more relaxed festival. I am going to see if I can weasel my way into a couple gigs or such, tomorrow night is Jam night at the Jazz society's club and I'm going to show up with my horn.

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March 16, 2005

Drill it, mutherfscker

So basically the US Senate has declared this: 'It don't matter to me, I won't be alive when the world is unliveable and the only species around are humans, cockroach and jellyfish'.

Another nail in the coffin of North American wildlife, and in the hope that some time in the future our grandchildren will enjoy nature from some place other than a museum of natural history.

Your grandchildren will despise you, George, as long as you're comfortable with that. I mean, like I said, you're not going to be alive to see it anyways so who cares right?

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March 10, 2005


(or F#$@ You Ralph Klein)

So recently 4 RCMP officers were murdered when trying to retrieve stolen property as has been much publicized recently. This being the largest slaying of police officers in Canadian history (that I can think of anyways), the entire nation is in somewhat of a state of mourning over it.

In walks Ralph Klein into the situation, Mr Perfect (bad) Timing, Mr Shove My F#$@ing foot in my fat mouth A$$wipe, saying "Whether it was registered or not, it didn't prevent him from using it in an illegal and tragic manner". WTF, no clue, no couth, no care for the grieving family, and from history, not a surprise that he would say these things. Yeah well whether we want you here or not, Ralphy you are here for another term, and whether they like it or not, the moneys put towards police seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Perhaps if you put as much effort into training them as you do towards dismantling Public Healthcare, they would be better trained to handle crisis situations.

Once again he proves that nothing matters other than his own goals. No own else matters, especially his constituents, and any chance he can get he will plug his anti-socialist pro-american bullshit.

Who the hell voted for this guy? Oh right, 50+ % of the Alberta population. Once again, thanks Alberta

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February 28, 2005

Family ... why is there always one of them

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October 21, 2004

"Things are getting better.. oh but don't get comfortable"

I've ranted about the RIAA before, but the article below flabbergasts me. Is the RIAA run by advisors for the Bush administration? Deny everything if it doesn't agree with your current campaign?

Music sales rise despite RIAA's best efforts | The Register

Let's see... "sales up 10% from last year.. but those music Pirates are still stealing money from our pockets". To me this resembles the denial of the Bush campaign that the violence is worse now in Iraq than it ever was.

My imitation of the RIAA (hands over ears and hands over eyes) LA LA LA I can't hear you! They're hurting us I swear! We're going down down down! Bring out the lawyers I can feel my porsche turning into a BMW.

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October 18, 2004

Let it s*** let it s*** let it s***

Damn you snow!
Cursed in the middle of October!
25 centimetres since Friday
I can't afford to buy new tires
I don't want to shovel my walk yet
I don't want to let my car warm up
and leave 10 minutes early
Damn you snow!

(this could work out to be a good chant)

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September 13, 2004

$3.33 a day to breathe

So as I was taking a puff of Advair, for my asthma I did a quick calculation, and it's approx. $3.33 a day to use this stuff to keep my asthma under wrap. Hopefully. And THEN if you need a quick hit because you're having problems, throw on another 90 cents. So many day's you're paying $4.23 , and on a yearly scale that's apporox 1300 - 1545 dollars. Thank you pharmaceutical companies.

Luckily in my case my insurance covers 100%, but if I was not covered, I'm not sure what I'd do, hack and cough until I got sick? I'm definitely not in a tax bracket to get any sort of government subsidy but I couldn't afford $250+ a month (whole family has asthma).

Why do companies like GlaxoSmithKline (makers of Advair) need to charge you that much money ? Maybe to pay for fancy websites like this. Apparently they made a profit of over a billion dollars last year, most likely off of families like mine. Oh, and apparently they're being sued this year, something about not giving correct information about prescribing Paxil to children. Greed prevails.

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August 09, 2004

Piece of s$#! software

So, I received a NetMD for Christmas last year, it's good, albeit a little slow to burn cds. Saturday after I zoomed through installing my new card stereo I figured I'd burn some minidiscs, as my new deck has an AUX input. Little did I know I had begun the journey of the damned.

Sony, in their infinite near-sightedness, provides a software called Sonicstage to use with your NetMD. The Sonicstage software also installs about 4 or 5 other products, updater, conversion program, the main program, drivers.

Here are the list of problems with the initial setup:
a) You can't select where 1/2 the programs are installing, they automatically install to C:
b) Even when you select the install location it still installs many files to C: (my C drive has limited space, and is primarily for OS use only).

Ok, so I was having some odd problems with the version I installed off the CD that came with the NetMD, so of course I logically thought to upgrade to the newest version. Downloaded 2.x from Sony, installed it, it ran for a good 30 seconds, then hard reset my computer. GREAT! I thought "well, it must be something I did", so I tried it again with the same result.
Uninstalled 2.x, cleaned it entirely off my computer, reinstalled it, started it up, same thing, hard reset after about 30 secs.

I proceeded to swear a blue streak, uninstalled and cleaned it off again (so I thought). Installed the OLD version again off disk, installed the next update, then the next update after that. Program starts up, seemingly runs ok, but then says it doesn't support mp3!!!! wtf... swore another blue streak.

Uninstalled, cleaned it off, ran a reg fixer program, rebooted (for the 40th or so time), installed the old version, made sure it worked, updated it, and now it works. I'm sticking to the old 1.553 for awhile, unless I feel like wasting another day, and trying to update it to 2.x.

Oh, and the first "Update" (full install) actually requires the old version to be there, even though it proceeds to uninstall it. If this is supposed to be some sort of security device I don't know why it's implemented, who the fuck would want to use this software for anything other than what they're FORCED to use it for, their NetMD.

SO far I think I've surmised that you must start from the beginning and proceed to each update sequentially... it would have been fucking nice to have been told that somewhere along they way by Sony.

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August 05, 2004

Damned Penguins

In my books when you register a domain, that domain becomes your property, until such time as the registration expires, or you sell it/give it to another party.

Such is not the case with Katie Jones, if you haven't heard the story yet, go to her site, it's worth the read.

If you wrote a book with a phone number in it that connected to an actual person, and told a story about how the person at that number was a molester/murderer/drug dealer/bad guy or had been sexually assaulted. Subsequently the person at the other end of the scenario received harassing, or unending phone calls regarding the book. YOU WOULD BE SUED.

Why is this not the same as titling a book a domain name that you do not own, and then ignoring any requests from the owner to change it. AND THEN proceed to attempt to pressure the owner of the domain to give it up. The excuse made is the domain was not "trademarked", in other words the personal web domains are there for the easy takeover of corporations on whim of a marketing team.

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July 23, 2004

Stay within the lines

Here's something that continually bothers me, that I'd like to share with the approx. 5 people who read this blog.

We grow up learning things, and discovering facets of how life is, how things work etc. At some age there are people that seem to cement those discovered facets into their reality, and that's all there is. I've been guilty of writing off things I don't understand sometimes, I know that, but to disregard or be oblivious to something that is obvious and important, just because it doesn't fall into your "reality cube" is insane and not productive.

Read this great poem by Blaga Dimitrova: Multidimensional

Example: A family I know has a very intelligent child, and at an earlier than normal age he began attempting to talk. Sometimes his phrases were discernable, sometimes it was jibberish, but if you took the time you could ususally get the gist of what he was trying to say. Instead of taking a couple seconds and trying to figure out what he was trying to say, the family (grandmother included) just did the jibberish baby talk back to him "booboogababgabha" etc. Finally after a while he just gave up trying, and gave in to their jibber-jabber talk. I'm sure this didn't help his frustration level, or his opinion of his family.

Another Example: Same family takes their newest child to a parade (different kid). Because for some reason they don't think the kid is old enough ( 1 1/2 years) to be interested or enjoy the parade they park the stroller behind another lady (so he can't see). Of course it doesn't take long before the kid starts being bad, yelling, obviously bored. A family member (not in the immediate family, or grandmother) gets the idea "hey, what if I move him around so he can see?", so they do, and gee the kid is excited, and is good from then on.

I also get the distinct feeling that the mother thinks she is very "mature" and "grown-up" (of course she's about 8 years younger than I), so she knows pretty much all there is to know about child-raising, and life. To me, it's more accurately the exact opposite, it's kind of sad because I think she's limiting herself and slowing down her personal growth. Of course you could never say anything to her because it's not even within her understanding that she could be wrong.

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July 21, 2004

100th post ! (since the new year started)

If you haven't seen Ctrl Alt Del comics, you must check out these 2 beauties:

July 16th


For more crazed reviews/rants about Catwoman check out Google. Let the bashing continue.

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July 20, 2004

A moment of silence for the memories of Superheroes

Ok, I heard some disturbing news on the DC Comic super movies coming out soon. Apparently Jack Black is going to be playing Green Lantern.

Jack Black has closed his deal. He will be playing Green Lantern in a film that has been described as a “zany comedy version a la THE MASK.” All rights to the DC comic have been worked out as well, so you can expect to start hearing more about this project in the months ahead.

There's also a Petition floating around to save the dignity of the GL. I signed it.

Warner Bros. is treating these well loved comic heroes as cartoon characters from Looney Tunes. First there was Catwoman, who is not Halle Berry, and cannot jump like Spiderman, nor does she dress like a dominatrix, now they're turning a thinking character like Green Lantern into a slapstick comedy? Will he fall into toilets and use his ring to give the finger to the bad guys? I suppose he sings too. Yay.

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July 06, 2004

The worth of human life

Welcome, to a world where crimes against humanity are viewed as less heinous than property theft. Where crimes against your own family are treated with lenience, whereas a theft of $394 worth of groceries from Safeway is handed close to the same sentence as the adoptive parents who caged and abused their 2 boys for 13 years.

I can't say much more, it infuriates me too much.

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July 05, 2004


On the weekend I had some computer free time, so I decided to set up my computer for its regular chkdsk / defrag. I came back thinking everything was hunky-dory... (isn't that a great term), windows was running blah blah... but the next time I booted up I received this message:

Cannot open volume for direct access.
The type of the file system is NTFS.
IFSUTIL: Can't open drive. Status returned = c0000043.
Windows has finished checking the disk.

Did a quick search for it this morning and came up with a couple of results:
JSI FAQ says that there is currently no fix for this, but you can try Chkdsk /X, which will force a dismount of the volume. MY only problem with this solution is that it's my Windows volume that this is happening on, won't that cause problems?

Microsoft Knowledge Base is even less helpful "Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem .... in XP " and if you notice at the bottom of the page it says Last Reviewed: 8/14/2003 (1.0)

Great... just friggin great... and the volume is becoming very fragmented, but I don't want to defrag until I can get a successful Chkdsk.
Any help anyone?

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June 21, 2004


Welcome to rural Alberta, please wait while we hit you with our racist jackass stick.

Alberta aboriginal candidate target of vandals

What's really sad is that is the riding where I grew up... I'm almost ashamed, but not at all surprised. Probably asshats I grew up with, or their kids.

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June 14, 2004

The A$$wipes

Ok, I've ranted about my neighbours quite a bit, not so much in the near past ... here's an old log from a previously defunct MT install.

I've nicknamed them "The Asswipes", for reasons that will become obvious to you soon.

Here's my latest thing which is an ongoing problem.

A) They have a firepit in their backyard, which they insist on using almost every day.
B) They have no clue how they should act around it, or what they are allowed to burn. (even though I graciously printed out the bylaws and rules for firepits and gave it to them)
C) The "dad" or "boyfriend" or "leech" or whatever, is a freakin' firebug, who lets the kids put out the fire ... not checking on them.
D) They don't care how much smoke or pollution they are pumping out, that fire has to be going dammit!

ANYways, yesterday it stopped raining so of COURSE it's primetime for fire fire fire. So I notice they are having problems getting the wet wood going, lovely black smoke, so they pull out the can of gasoline. No explosions, luckily. After what looked like 1/2 a sunday paper they have some semblance of a fire going.
A while later I look out... and to my wonderment they had salvaged a broken plant holder / something that's lacquered/stained from the alley, cut it up with a power saw, and were starting to burn it. Good god... what kind of crap are they breathing in from that smoke. OH and I forgot to mention that I saw treated posts and stuff in their pile of firewood too.

SO I look out a little bit later, and they are COOKING HOTDOGS over this carcinogenic/toxin laden ashpit. Yum! I can just feel my cells mutating and duplicating thinking about it!

And to top it all off I'm leaving to get groceries later, and their kid with ADHD is out playing in the fire with a stick. I say "One of your parents should be out here if the fire is going" (and I use the term parents loosely). He says "Yeah, whatever". Nice... that's it... it's time to fire off a letter to the friendly bylaw office.

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June 02, 2004

What the

So I'm doing a search for my name (Oorgo) in Google and I come across ... what in hell!! You browse to the site and it's merely titled "Oorgo English" and has a poorly made animated gif that flashes from Oorgo to English.

Am I, or have I always been, some sort of real word in korean? Does oorgo mean "bad" or "dirty" or "wacko" that would be kind of cool.

The name originated from sort of random keystrokes when creating a character name for a D&D character in an ANSI graphic turn-based game on a local bulletin board called Viewline. The character was hairless, blue, ogrish, and liked to stomp on daisies. Maybe I should have copyrighted it... or at least registered the domain like I was meaning to... OH well...

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May 13, 2004

I have to say this...

{political commentary}

I thought I would say this because it's been on my mind ever since Tuesday

Re: Nick Berg

In many ways the contemptious acts of the Al-Qaida terrorists when they executed Nick Berg in front of the world had great similarity to the murders performed by CIA agents and US soldiers in Iraq.

Let's look at this clinically:

From the murdering side, both abused the deceased mentally and physically before they died. On the terrorist side they purposefully ended life quickly albeit brutally, on the US side the patient died after excruciating pain most likely caused by blunt trauma.

From the location side, the terrorists killed Nick Berg in front of a video camera, intending to broadcast it to the world as a statement of rage and defiance to the US. The US CIA agents / soldiers killed their prisoners in the privacy of a cell or sequestered in an interrogation room, never intending it to be public knowledge.

Humans have a huge capacity for evil, whether you belong to a country that at one time had a reputation for saving lives and treating all people with respect, or you belong to a small group of radical fundamentalists who believe there is no god but theirs, and will kill to enforce it. The ability to torture, maim, kill and humiliate when under extreme situations and when fueled by hatred, fear and prejudice are inherit in all of us.

Seeing the images of Abu Ghraib reminded me of "Lord of the Flies" in many ways, mob mentality took over. I could almost hear "Kill the beast! Spill it's blood!" being chanted in the background. The events that have come to a head recently in the news have renewed my disappointment in humankind, and reinforced the feelings I had as a late-teen.. here's a portion of a poem I wrote:

"I wonder what the next beings will be like?
The ones who will inhabit our planet once we're gone.
They'll dig up our bones, and uncover our remains,
and wonder how we died."

{/political commentary}

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May 07, 2004

Just when you thought they were starting to learn from the past

The Recording industries go back to their old greedy self.
iTunes has been forced to pump the prices of their single tracks up to $1.25, making some albums now $16.99 to purchase for download.

Isn't that special.

Once again, they don't F$#@ing realize the reason they are losing money is BECAUSE the f#@#ing prices are so high. That makes it cost the equivalent or more money to purchase music online then to buy from a brick 'n mortar vendor. They even have had the gall to try and force customers to have to buy full albums instead of single tracks, luckily that didn't fly with iTunes.

I shake my head in disgust at the sheer greed and unwavering contempt the RIAA (which is powered by the big 5 recording companies) has for it's customers. If there was any message I could send out to them it would be to "Wake the f#$* up!!", but that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon.


Apparently according to Apple the above is just a rumor, and that their $0.99 per track price tag will stay for now

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eMCee is not in da HAUS

Wow... I almost never thought the day would come. I learned yesterday that the manager of support for the company I used to work for has been "layed off".

I and so many others who lived under her reign of terror and mindgames will sadly miss the glower and unpersonality that she was. If there were any worse way to run a department I'm not sure if I could think of them. Oh maybe if you included electro-shock for logging in a few seconds late, or smiling too much, or looking like you were having fun at work.

I only hope that my actions and the actions of a fellow employee contributed to what seems to be a weeding of the crop at Slave*****. A company that used to be fun to work for, but turned into a suspicious, unheatlhy environment of untrust and constricting rules.

SUre, in some ways I feel bad for taking pleasure in others misfortune, but I think the old "What goes around comes around" and "Come-uppance" statements take effect here. Here's a funny thing, just before I gave my 2 weeks I recieved the office nameplate I ordered depicting "David and Goliath", maybe it was a precursor to the events that are happening now... maybe I'm just an egotistical bastard...

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May 05, 2004

Dandy, just freakin' dandy

Great... now I'm getting porn spam comments...

I'll have to get Pommie to implement one of the plugins Arcterex found. We'll see though, it's only gotten to 4 ... if it starts getting worse then I'll start lobbying.

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April 26, 2004

Well finally someone has a little sense

Apparently an L.A. federal judge ruled that File-sharing software makers are not responsible for the files that are being made available or downloaded. Seeing the software packages very much like the Canadian judge saw them, like photocopy machines, or videotape recorders. Did they put Sony or RCA up on trial when they found out you could record (good lord) movies! off of tv!?

I like this little quip "Debt-ridden media conglomerates are now considering sales of their music divisions even as they begin to test paid online music services intended to compete with free file-swapping networks and turn the tide." BEGIN to test ... what in the flying hell have they been doing the past 7 or 8 years? The software and p2p community told them back in the times of Napster that they needed to get some sort of less-expensive online music system set up, because they would not be able to stop the tides of peer-to-peer, and file-sharing.

Of all companies, Apple was the first to walk up to the plate with iTunes, and it's very successful, oh-boy-oh-boy, I wonder WHY? Maybe it's because people actually don't mind paying 1$ or so for a track, or $10 for an album. And there are actually law-abiding citizens that use the internet for purchasing things.

Truthfully, in my mind what's partially hurting the music industry is the industries own perception. The idea that the total # of mp3's downloaded = total # of money lost is prepostrous. That's like saying that if pirating wasn't around, every person in a less affluent country who currently has an unlicensed version of Windows would have gone out and purchased that copy. If you don't have the money you will not buy the software / music, it's as simple as that. I would take a guess that 75% of the folks currently sharing music can't afford to buy it.
And then when you add the publics current perception of organizations like the RIAA, well then you add the people who are now downloading/sharing out of sheer spite.

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April 14, 2004

Grrr... gahdam wedder

Well ... it's heavy snowfall warning day today in Edmonton...

This morning I left at 8... it took me 30 minutes to get 40 blocks. 66 street was a parking lot.. people driving at 15 kph, for good reason, because it was a skating rink.

Anyways, I made it almost all the way to work, but then about 2 blocks away I tried to turn a corner, failed, and slid into a big fucking curb. Got to work, looked at the wheel and the tire was almost completely flat, and the rim is bent pretty bad.

Hopefully the tire isn't shot, it looks like the seal has been broken, but I'll most likely need a new wheel. While they're at it I'm going to get them to rotate the tires (something I should have done 6 months ago). The worst thing is, I'm going to have to go out in the snow at lunch, with a shitty-assed jack and change my tire, put on a donut, and lug the flat tire over to a shop.

Well I took the car to Tire Warehouse, didn't have to change the tire after all, it didn't deflate. I would say the rim is bent about 1/2 - 2/3" at the point of impact, so it made for an interesting drive.

The very polite man at TW said that it is a good thing the rim is so bent, that means it most likely took the brunt of the impact. That's good, I don't need any bills for front-end work ... I can't afford that. Also a good thing is the fact the tire should be fine.

All in all it looks like it's going to cost me about $110 after tax. I guess that's not bad, since I believe that rim was the cause of another vibration ( I hit a curb to avoid an accident earlier in the winter).

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March 18, 2004

Blasted popunder homepage stealin mothaf#$@ers

I love it when you subscribe to a free email service ( and the fucking popups steal your homepage EVEN THOUGH I have my google toolbar set to block all popups.

OH , and of course the page doesn't show up in my history now, and I didn't record it... bah dumb me. WAIT.. no... I found it... it's a nasty script I believe... I found an ftp script and O.BAT on my machine... pointing to Or if you want to find who is hosting them they are Service Telematique Service Internet de Montreal .

Looks like it downloads 2 files, ClrSchP028.exe and calsdr.exe. Then Executes, one and then the other... probably one to set your homepage and the other to remove the fornicating executables from your hd.

Fuckers... die die die and die.

What they are playing on is ignorant people who think "OH NO! I HAVE A VIRUS! OR SPYWARE! OH MY!" and then go through either the links provided, getting more shit. Or freak out and start running around in circles screaming "LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT! THE INTERNET HAS GOTTEN ME!"

Motherfuckers... if I came face to face with one of these assholes they'd get a first-hand view of tech support rage.

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March 03, 2003

what the HELL people

Man... I just don't get people who think that support is free, or that they can somehow avoid paying the fees, but still get us to jump hoops for them.

C'mon man, you called me with the wrong information, (looking like you incorrectly installed it, or are using a generated key), your system isn't working because you have an error, your actual support expired almost a year ago, and you're expecting me to just say "YES sir, here's the fix for that, thank you sir for the abuse!"


Oh yeah, check out my new Blog journal on 's website

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what the HELL people

Man... I just don't get people who think that support is free, or that they can somehow avoid paying the fees, but still get us to jump hoops for them.

C'mon man, you called me with the wrong information, (looking like you incorrectly installed it, or are using a generated key), your system isn't working because you have an error, your actual support expired almost a year ago, and you're expecting me to just say "YES sir, here's the fix for that, thank you sir for the abuse!"


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February 11, 2003

Oh Joy

Shaw cut me off from internet yesterday, because apparently I was 2 months behind, a big $127 to reconnect. I said "well, luckily enough Telus' DSL package should be here any day and I'll connect through them". The tech had nothing to say about that.

Anyways, I have no internet for the next while, so I'm posting from work. Hopefully it will only be for a day or so, but we'll see.
This sucks, I don't know the last time I didn't have some internet accessibility from home.... I think it was 1994.

Oh yeah, and I had a reaction to my pillow, so my face and ears have been red and aggravated for the past 2 days. I took some antihistamines yesterday, and they knocked me on my ass, so while I'm at work I'm on my own... and grumpy.

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December 28, 2002

And on and on

Well it just goes on and on and on and on.

Xavier is still in the hospital, because of a sleep test a week ago, which said he had some sleep apnea.

I understand they are being very cautious, and I understand that they don't want him coming home with possible problems. What DOES piss me off is the constant f*#$ing drama that happens there every day. Monday they put him on oxygen, and gave him Diurhetics (sp?) because they though he might have fluid in his lungs... fine... but then he started losing a bit of weight (most likely water from the diuretic right? You would think that would be common sense, but NO, the f$#@ing doctor goes "He must be using up too much energy feeding, we'll have to start gavaging (sp?) (tube down the throat, feeding him that way), and only 15 minutes on the breast..

So guess what? He loses even MORE WEIGHT, Gee , wonder why?

The lactation specialist comes in, takes a look at everything and goes "What the hell? He's feeding fine at the breast, and off the bottle, and he probably lost some water from the diuretic!!" (in other words DUH!) So now he's feeding almost entirely from the breast and being topped up from the bottle. IT JUST HAPPENS that this is exactly the way he WAS being fed, before they put him on the damn oxygen etc. and he WAS gaining weight.

It just baffles me sometimes how any of these doctors get through the day when they can't even link simple things like that together. How do they pull out of parking stalls with their car, you have to be able to comprehend that you must turn on the ignition, put the car into reverse, and maneuver the wheel out of the stall. Pretty complex compared to the above scenario with Xavier.

OH, and get this too.... some dumb f#@$ father that though he knew everthing went into the fridge with the milk, to get a bottle of their milk... he misread the label and got a bottle of Ambers!
Not only did that not give her enough for the next feed, but NOW she has to get a stupid HIV test, just in case.... apparently that is the hospital policy. I told her she should refuse until her doctor comes in on Monday, then she can get test results from her prenatal blood tests etc. F#$@ sticking a needle in her arm if they don't have to.

Anyways, I have to go now .... and increase the mileage on my car another 42 Kms ... I've put about 15,000 on it since April, it's gonna be worn out before I pay it off :)

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December 17, 2002

You would think

with reports on performance, and stats, and quality of service, and endless compliments from customers, that I wouldn't get hassled by management and supervisors about being late maybe 8 - 10 minutes once a week.... ooo and sometimes 1 minute...

You would think that

Well I just learned from a colleague who works in a different department, that my supervisor was talking to her and said my Manager is closely watching me... for this specific reason, she's very upset, and somehow thinks this is a huge fucking problem.

If you look at the stats, etc. I take more calls, close more calls, and solve more problems than anyone here. Yet I get treated like shit if I couldn't get to sleep, sleep in, miss my train, and come in 10 minutes late....

I need a new job... this just does NOT make me want to be here. AND on top of it all I get this info from a fellow employee... the supervisor shouldn't be TALKING about this to fellow employees. That's called inappropriate in my books. Defamation of character I think the term is.

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December 12, 2002

Now I know

Well, my suspicions were confirmed, our pediatrician sucks.
She flies in yesterday for 10 minutes... reads a couple charts .. looks at Xavier for like 1 minute, ignores everything we tell her, or p'shaws it (especially when we say anything positive about how well he is doing), says "He was so so sick" about 10 - 15 times, then leaves.

Example: "This test shows that we have to keep him on a little oxygen" - doctor
"He was off it all day and last night, and had hardly any few desats (low oxygen saturation), or Brads (not sure what that means)" - us and the nurse
"How bad were they?" - doctor to nurse
"Hardly low at all" - nurse

"Well the test 2 days ago told us he has to stay on it, so we'll put him back on" - Doctor

F*#$ ... who is there all the time... who sees exactly how well he's improving... nurses and his mother. Who does she listen to? A test, and her own negative doomsayer attitude.

Anyways, we're getting rid of her, and the charge nurse will get us another one, maybe one that has a bit of personality, not a clinical, negative know-it-all bitch.

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December 05, 2002

Doctors suck

Well I've come upon the opinion that Doctors, specifically Pediatric doctors in large busy hospitals, suck.

Amber went to visit Xavier's pediatrician yesterday, and first off she went through all of the possible, and worst case scenarios that he might be facing, if in fact he has the blood clots. Then saying it might have something to do with her, and some rare pregnancy related thrombosis (blood clotting problem). THEN precedes to tell her that all of this is based on the tests that were done, but are NOT A PROGNOSIS. So Amber leaves feeling like it's partly her fault that there are problems, and depressed because the doctor said he might have this or that, or whatever.

I swear to $#(%ing god that this doctor hasn't even scene Xavier when he is awake, she just comes in on her daily rounds in the morning when he's asleep... for 15 minutes... and then says that he's lethargic.. MAYBE he's lethargic because you're pumping him full of Phenobarbitol, which makes him sleepy all the time.... #$@!

OH, then she says "He is having problems staying awake during breastfeeding, he might not be able to , or be partly bottlefed" AGAIN... Phenobarbitol bitch... guh!

I'm sure she's over worked, and so are the nurses, but come ON, just because you have a bleak view of life, and your job is sometimes by death, does it mean you have to transfer that onto a mother who's already depressed because her baby is in the NICU for 3 weeks...

Truthfully all you have to do is hold Xavier after he's had his diaper changed, and he follows things with his eyes, looks at you, cries 'cause he's hungry ... recognizes our voices and smell. NOW he's even getting a good sucking function...

Sometimes I think he would be better at home without all the shit of the the hospital to deal with he'd probably improve faster.

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October 31, 2002

Tyrants and the general misuse of power

Referrals... they want referrals to fill new positions.

Dismissal of employees because of personal issues, dismissal of employees because of difference of opinion, personal biases of supervisors and managers influencing who they put their sites on next for termination... All of these are reasons why they would not stand a chance in hell of getting referrals from me, unless of course I despised the person and wanted them to feel my pain. I couldn't, with good consience, put another friend up on the chopping block for their mindgames, petty grievances, anal-retentive restrictions, and general non-appreciation that exists here. What a fucking joke.

Anyways, other than that I'm in a pretty good mood, no one but 4 people participated in the "Dress up for Halloween" party, that the kiss-asses organized, so I've been laughing about that all day.

Well I have to go home now...

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October 28, 2002

"What? What do you mean clock, there's no clock there! Oh! You mean the time!"

Last Friday Amber and I went out for supper with a friend I've made here at work and her boyfriend.
Great wonderful amazing food, her friend is an tremendously talented cook. We stuffed ourselves, gabbed alot and had an overall good time, of course later on lamenting about not being appreciated at work, mindgames, and general incompetency of people. We have that in common, we both are sick of the shit, and need other opportunities.

Saturday A and I and got together with an old friend Dave for breakfast at Humpty's on whyte. Once again, fun and enjoyable... even the coffee was pretty ok. Weekends like this really remind you why you have friends and why it's good to hang with other people, they provide you with temporary escapes from the duldrum and stress of everyday life.

Dammit ... I think I'm getting a fear of crowds. We went to a play on Saturday night with Ambers family and I was all tight in the chest and anxious until the lights went down for the play, I was fine. Then once again at the intermission when the lights came on... boom... same thing. I don't get it though, I 'm fine at gigs playing in front of crowds, but get me in with the crowd... sheesh

Anyways, it's almost time to go home, there's my livedrivel for the day

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October 18, 2002

gah, morons

I know I'm always complaining about my job, but this week has been extra bad, I swear. Ever second person I talk to either doesn't understand what I'm saying, either the terminology, or the words exactly. I'll say "D as in Dog" and they'll say "What? C? " ... or I will give them part of an instruction, and they will say "wait a minute, wait a minute", and they will write it down, then by the time we finish that set of instructions they've got it so $#*@ing confused they don't know what they're doing. And we start over again.

I have to learn how to relax again, somehow a couple months ago I could sit while someone spoke like they only completed grade 6 english, and calmly help them with their inane problems. Now I'm ready to jump through the phone and strangle them, or rip out their heart and feed it to my dog.

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October 09, 2002

stress... all the time stress

gah... damnit... stress

Amber is nervous because yesterday she didn't feel movement for the morning and a little of the afternoon. This is what happened last time too, so it makes us both uptight, and anxious. It also makes me very impatient, and intolerable to stupidity when I'm talking to customers on the phone.

I talk to people on the phone every day that don't think, and don't look into anything, and have pathetic little tiny issues, it drives me insane. I want to yell at them and tell them to get a f#$*in grip, grab some perspective and look past their f#$~ing noses. There are worse things in the world than not this instant knowing exactly how to do something, maybe take some incentive and TRY things ... god... click on a couple icons... see what happens... READ the goddamn titles on buttons. Or better yet, read RTFM

Anyways... we have a doctors appointment later today, maybe that will settle a few fears, hopefully.

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October 02, 2002

Bloody people

Issue: Report freezes up computer when trying to print
Steps to reproduce: 1. Create report, comes up in IE. 2. Click print button 3. Computer freezes

Hmmm... do you think it's the program that created the report? No.. no way... but try telling the lady I was just talking to? Good lord...
I try suggesting different things, but she continually interrupts me saying " no , I think it's your program" Even though it does the same thing on different computers. OH and best yet, once she hard restarts her computer it won't recognize the mouse anymore.... oh yeah.. it's our F(*&*ing program... dumb shit.

Sometimes I just can't f$#@ing stand people

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September 10, 2002

la la la

Here's another exciting link....not as exciting as the last, but fun

Dammit... I'm THIS close to telling customers to go jump in a lake. The calls keep coming... and coming... and they don't get any smarter...

Please oh please God of employment, give me something better to do.

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September 03, 2002

Oooo... why I aughta

Bloody.. freakin' ... stupid... gah.. f$#* ..

Here we are in the peak season, and our fucking customer database isn't working. I am going to snap, burn .. burn.. burn...

Every Sunday night ( or the last night of the weekend ), I have problems getting to sleep. Anxiety, etc. about coming to work, I think. I've talked to a few other people and they have the same problem getting to sleep. Damn phones... I can bet that we're getting dumbass phobia, the fear of someone having so little clue that they can't distinguish one mouse button from the other. "That's right ma'am, with the right mouse button" , "That's correct sir, click on OK"

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July 30, 2002

Stop! go Back!

There are a lot of times I think humanity sucks, or at least common humanity, the people who walk around every day thinking entirely of themselves and how actions affect them solely. Take our neighboors for example, when you have 4 kids, but you let your own desire for material wealth destroy your marriage, credit rating, and soon your banking status, all the while your kids are just left to do what they please. I just don't understand this mentality, somewhere down that road to hell she MUST have seen the signs that said "STOP! You're not gonna like this ending" or "No exit but a harsh, punishing one of misery and poverty". Such is the trap of the society we've made, where you're given enough rope that you can financially hang yourself, all the while being bombarded from all sides with people saying "You need this! It will make your life so much better! AND you can make payments of only $29.95 a month!".
Don't get me wrong, I'm not without fault, not even in the grandest sense.

There's a great paper written by Stephen Nachmanovitch and Abdul Aziz Said titled Global Thinking", where they talk about things that shape our reality, and our priorities. It's an Excellent read, I definitely would suggest it to anyone.

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July 26, 2002

Disruption and chaos and madness oh my!

I am such a shit disturber, just can't let people live in their little bubbles without poking and prodding until I get a rise out of them. Dammit, this world is not just how you see it, we're all here, and it's much more multidimensional than you'd like to admit.
If you're unwilling to step outside of your own little existence and look back upon yourself even semi-objectively, then you're living a lie. If you're unwilling to question things because you think that somehow that will show you don't believe in those things then you're deluding yourself. Embrace the chaos that is life, the anarchy that is existence.
Anyways, that's my rant for today

Re: the car.... I wussed out... found out the fuel filter is under the front axle, that would mean putting my car on blocks, and getting down on the oil-infested ground in 30+ weather. I said "forget this" and took it to the shop this morning. I know... it'll cost me alot more, but at least I'll get it done properly...

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July 22, 2002


Gah... mondays... what the hell eh? Why do we have them and why is each one of mine the same as the last.
Here's what happens on my mondays : Big things! Big things that change stuff, or big things that you haven't prepared for. Companies announce stuff over the weekend, projects come to fruition, and on top of it I and almost everyone I know, are dead tired.

Why bother? Abolish Mondays I say! Monday newspapers should be outlawed (because they're just depressing), everyone would be happier.
I read an article from CNET recently that had me shook up a bit... what with this Worldcom thing and all ... agh... can't find the link now. But it basically had to do with the health of the internet itself. Telecommunication companies on a whole are having money problems, and corruption problems, and are being investigated etc. etc. Worldcom is first, but who's next? Qwest? AT&T? Darkling clouds man...

OH yeah, and I forgot to mention my car is running really crappy right now... after the rain on Friday, I think I'll have to change the plugs, and maybe the fuel filter.. feh

That's it for post #3 ... wheee

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