September 24, 2002


I'd like to take this time to stress the fact that there is no stress.
You are under the influence of the Stress Inducer.
You are not actually under stress.
It is all in your head, the Inducer has put it there
Resist the Inducer
Desist the Reducer
Insist the Deducer
Floss the bimboozler

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September 19, 2002


Guh... stupid... stressed... life

Amber had more pains last night, but after lying down they went away. She's definitely on bed rest.. strict bed rest for a couple (few) days.

She really hates it, but it's better than getting another scare like the other night.

F#@$... damn phone... go away... ring ring ... idiotic questions... ring ring

Still waiting on the company I was working for, hopefully they contact me soon and wisk me away from this shit.

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September 17, 2002


Well everything seems to be better now, the ultrasound was good, apparently the techs were remarking "Oooo how cute" because they could see eyelashes. Baby is acting like nothing happened. Yay!
Unfortunately Amber will be on strict bed rest... she can't do ANYthing.. that will sorta drive her nuts (wait, what am I saying sorta)

At least the tightenings have stopped, and there's no early early birth. AND everyone is healthy

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Well last night at 8:00pm we had a little scare, Amber had major back cramps, and couldn't walk up even the stairs in our house. I had to help her. Once we got her to bed the back pain went away, but then she starting having little tightenings, 6 every 15 minutes... Needless to say she phoned the labour and Delivery wing of the hospital we're delivering in, and they told us to come in.
We went in, they put her on a monitor, and we sat .. and watched it... baby's very healthy, kicking, heart rate good, mommy's fine. She had contractions every 2 minutes or so, just little ones, and they just kept on going. They admitted her, for observation.

So... she's still at the hospital under observation, our OB is coming in later for a checkup and ultrasound. And I'm at work... fretting ...
Really she should be ok, they said they would give her something to calm down the contractions, but after last time I'm just naturally going to be worrisome

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September 12, 2002

It only makes sense

Greek gaming law defeated in court

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September 10, 2002

(no subject)

A song for the times

XTC - Dear God

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la la la

Here's another exciting link....not as exciting as the last, but fun

Dammit... I'm THIS close to telling customers to go jump in a lake. The calls keep coming... and coming... and they don't get any smarter...

Please oh please God of employment, give me something better to do.

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(no subject)

I absolutely cannot believe this

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September 09, 2002


hee hee

Make you Stronger

Actually to hell with it.. just go to their site

I know... I know... you all know about the site, you just need a bit of reminding!! :)

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September 08, 2002



I've been playing my "real-life" stats in Neverwinter nights. I'm a cleric... and it's definitely slow starting...
Here they are (or at least after I added my extra points that were left over)

Str: 11
Int: 11
Wis: 15
Dex: 10
Con: 10
Chr: 14

btw.. curses to for finding that webpage :)

the worst part... strength... damn... I can't carry shit ! I've got armor on, a weapon, a few potions, and some various stuff... but that's it. A big 92 lbs. I can carry 256 lbs with my fighter/thief (of course the Belt of Frost Giant Strength doesn't help)
Damn... I bet if I hadn't missed a bunch of quests, and other stuff... I wouldn't be going back ... I was almost finished.

One of these days I'll get bored of this damn game and go back to the real world. Really i will

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September 03, 2002

Oooo... why I aughta

Bloody.. freakin' ... stupid... gah.. f$#* ..

Here we are in the peak season, and our fucking customer database isn't working. I am going to snap, burn .. burn.. burn...

Every Sunday night ( or the last night of the weekend ), I have problems getting to sleep. Anxiety, etc. about coming to work, I think. I've talked to a few other people and they have the same problem getting to sleep. Damn phones... I can bet that we're getting dumbass phobia, the fear of someone having so little clue that they can't distinguish one mouse button from the other. "That's right ma'am, with the right mouse button" , "That's correct sir, click on OK"

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