October 31, 2002

Tyrants and the general misuse of power

Referrals... they want referrals to fill new positions.

Dismissal of employees because of personal issues, dismissal of employees because of difference of opinion, personal biases of supervisors and managers influencing who they put their sites on next for termination... All of these are reasons why they would not stand a chance in hell of getting referrals from me, unless of course I despised the person and wanted them to feel my pain. I couldn't, with good consience, put another friend up on the chopping block for their mindgames, petty grievances, anal-retentive restrictions, and general non-appreciation that exists here. What a fucking joke.

Anyways, other than that I'm in a pretty good mood, no one but 4 people participated in the "Dress up for Halloween" party, that the kiss-asses organized, so I've been laughing about that all day.

Well I have to go home now...

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October 28, 2002

"What? What do you mean clock, there's no clock there! Oh! You mean the time!"

Last Friday Amber and I went out for supper with a friend I've made here at work and her boyfriend.
Great wonderful amazing food, her friend is an tremendously talented cook. We stuffed ourselves, gabbed alot and had an overall good time, of course later on lamenting about not being appreciated at work, mindgames, and general incompetency of people. We have that in common, we both are sick of the shit, and need other opportunities.

Saturday A and I and got together with an old friend Dave for breakfast at Humpty's on whyte. Once again, fun and enjoyable... even the coffee was pretty ok. Weekends like this really remind you why you have friends and why it's good to hang with other people, they provide you with temporary escapes from the duldrum and stress of everyday life.

Dammit ... I think I'm getting a fear of crowds. We went to a play on Saturday night with Ambers family and I was all tight in the chest and anxious until the lights went down for the play, I was fine. Then once again at the intermission when the lights came on... boom... same thing. I don't get it though, I 'm fine at gigs playing in front of crowds, but get me in with the crowd... sheesh

Anyways, it's almost time to go home, there's my livedrivel for the day

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October 18, 2002

gah, morons

I know I'm always complaining about my job, but this week has been extra bad, I swear. Ever second person I talk to either doesn't understand what I'm saying, either the terminology, or the words exactly. I'll say "D as in Dog" and they'll say "What? C? " ... or I will give them part of an instruction, and they will say "wait a minute, wait a minute", and they will write it down, then by the time we finish that set of instructions they've got it so $#*@ing confused they don't know what they're doing. And we start over again.

I have to learn how to relax again, somehow a couple months ago I could sit while someone spoke like they only completed grade 6 english, and calmly help them with their inane problems. Now I'm ready to jump through the phone and strangle them, or rip out their heart and feed it to my dog.

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October 16, 2002

(no subject)

What Is Your True Aura Colour?

brought to you by Quizilla

Yeah... that's me baby.... OH yeah

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October 10, 2002

Anxiety levels... decreasing.... calm... approaching

Well eveythings much better today, we had the doctors appointment yesterday and baby is strong as a horse. Apparently she/he has definite opinions on how things should be, how Amber sits, etc., she/he will boot pretty hard if Amber leans over. It's not painful kicks yet, hopefully it will stay that way :)

An Aunt of mine, when she was pregnant with my cousin, said one night the little bugger kicked her ribs so hard his foot went inBETWEEN her ribs, and got stuck there. She had to actually push it through, apparenlty making my Uncle pass out. Quite a hilarious story when she tells it.

Anyways, everythings better and I'm not ripping out customers hearts to feed them as a sacrifice today.

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October 09, 2002

stress... all the time stress

gah... damnit... stress

Amber is nervous because yesterday she didn't feel movement for the morning and a little of the afternoon. This is what happened last time too, so it makes us both uptight, and anxious. It also makes me very impatient, and intolerable to stupidity when I'm talking to customers on the phone.

I talk to people on the phone every day that don't think, and don't look into anything, and have pathetic little tiny issues, it drives me insane. I want to yell at them and tell them to get a f#$*in grip, grab some perspective and look past their f#$~ing noses. There are worse things in the world than not this instant knowing exactly how to do something, maybe take some incentive and TRY things ... god... click on a couple icons... see what happens... READ the goddamn titles on buttons. Or better yet, read RTFM

Anyways... we have a doctors appointment later today, maybe that will settle a few fears, hopefully.

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October 02, 2002

Bloody people

Issue: Report freezes up computer when trying to print
Steps to reproduce: 1. Create report, comes up in IE. 2. Click print button 3. Computer freezes

Hmmm... do you think it's the program that created the report? No.. no way... but try telling the lady I was just talking to? Good lord...
I try suggesting different things, but she continually interrupts me saying " no , I think it's your program" Even though it does the same thing on different computers. OH and best yet, once she hard restarts her computer it won't recognize the mouse anymore.... oh yeah.. it's our F(*&*ing program... dumb shit.

Sometimes I just can't f$#@ing stand people

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