September 17, 2002


Well last night at 8:00pm we had a little scare, Amber had major back cramps, and couldn't walk up even the stairs in our house. I had to help her. Once we got her to bed the back pain went away, but then she starting having little tightenings, 6 every 15 minutes... Needless to say she phoned the labour and Delivery wing of the hospital we're delivering in, and they told us to come in.
We went in, they put her on a monitor, and we sat .. and watched it... baby's very healthy, kicking, heart rate good, mommy's fine. She had contractions every 2 minutes or so, just little ones, and they just kept on going. They admitted her, for observation.

So... she's still at the hospital under observation, our OB is coming in later for a checkup and ultrasound. And I'm at work... fretting ...
Really she should be ok, they said they would give her something to calm down the contractions, but after last time I'm just naturally going to be worrisome

Posted by Oorgo at September 17, 2002 11:38 AM
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