October 31, 2005

All Hallows Eew

You know, I'm not sure what's in this guys head , but I really wouldn't want to live in Fat-Pie world.

Be forewarned, as he states:,
WARNING! These will upset children and the elderly, and please watch these at your own risk if you are doing acid or mushrooms. No complaints, I've warned you.

I DID forget to mention that it warped my view of the world for the rest of the day, I guess that's cool.

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This train under constant repair

Yeah, so the blog has been a bit light lately, no real content, I blame that partially on my hectic workdays, gig-full weekends and my growing affinity for Brewhouse beer urp. Seriously though, this stuff is good, sort of a pilsner, but mild enough to drink by the er... handful.

The funny thing about my blogging these days is that it's not light because of lack of stress, or things to rant about, it's light because these things fill up my life so much that I don't have time to come on here and rant about them {whine frickin whine, right?}. Yeah. Well. I'm joined in my stress by Random Pensees, he also has a baby on the way, although ours is coming in probably 4 weeks or so. We're guaranteed she will be induced by 36 weekish, because of past difficulties they don't want to take any chances on a full term pregnancy.

It's almost unbelievable really, that there's going to be another little one filling our house with more sound and joy. Perhaps I'm in denial, perhaps I don't want to accept it's actually happening, or maybe I can't fathom it, I doubt the last one, it's easy enough to imagine. Fear is probably a bigger factor in my denial or rather, disbelief. It really barely feels like it's going to happen even though I KNOW everything is coming up and all things are going extremely well. This baby has some serious attitude and spunk, it gives poor Amber the what-for if she isn't doing exactly what it wants.

I've been less involved with this pregnancy than Xaviers', mostly because of Xavier himself, he swallows up whole days, entire months. Not that I'm complaining, I love taking care of him, he's a wickedly smart, fun and gentle little guy. It forever amazes me how grand his imagination is, this morning I was laying on the couch and he was playing train. He was sitting by my head on the couch "choo-choo"ing and then stopping with a "Whoosh", getting off the couch and performing 3 or 4 repairs to the train, getting back on, etc. etc. It was very entertaining to watch.

Well I'm about done my directionless rambling, besides it's getting late and my body hasn't yet slipped into daylight savings mode (or whatever the hell they call it). Tomorrow is just another monday, other than the fact it's a little lighter when I get up.

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October 27, 2005

Apparently bad for you

So apparently Smoking is bad for you. Perhaps that will be my new catch phrase in conversations.

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October 26, 2005

It's all about what Dave needs

I found a fun Google game to play over at "It's all about De". You do a Google search for Your Name and then the word needs.

I pulled out the following:

Dave needs a Timeout (well that's kind of a given)

Dave needs some advice (doesn't anybody?)

Dave needs help walking through doors (umm... not quite yet, only when I'm right drunked)

I think Dave needs a vacation (now THAT's the best friggin thing I've heard this week, on that note...)

Dave needs your financial support

I'll stop on that high note... it's fun, you try it!

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Forty mil an' sum whishkey

Tonight's Lotto 6/49 is a tidy 40 million, and of course with this grand sum comes the naysayers etc., telling you it would make more sense to invest the money you spend every week on the Lotto. They also insist to tell you the odds of winning, etc. so you don't get your hopes up just to have them dashed.

A funny story to give you some perspective, courtesy of CBC.ca:
Say you’re standing on a football field. You’re blindfolded and holding a pin. A friend has released an ant on the field. Your chance of piercing that ant with your pin is about the same as winning a Lotto 6/49 jackpot. One in 14 million. Not exactly a sure bet.
My favourite line from the article is this:
Of course (this) goes out the window if you didn’t join the office lottery pool – and you’re the only one who shows up for work the day after the numbers are drawn.

I'm up for it, hell even if I don't win at least it will get some endorphins goin' with the excitement of the remote possibility. Like it's been said "You never know...".

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October 25, 2005

OK, that's it, I'm outta here

I don't exactly see how this is possible but...

My blog is worth $23,146.14.
How much is your blog worth?

You can always dream right?

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October 24, 2005

Time Capsule

I was digging around on the Intarveb today and realized "Hey! I can export posts from LiveJournal! Kick freakin' Ass!" (ok, I wasn't entirely that excited).

So that's what I did, you may notice a new category (if'n you click on Posts by Category), it's called Family, and I put a bunch of the posts about X-man in there, most of them are from before he was born, or when he was in the hospital.

It's really neat (for lack of a better word) to look back at those old posts, and realize that I've been blogging since July 17th, 2002. That's wild, over 3 years of blathering. What really is cool though, is reading about my world at the time, and I can actually recall and feel how stressful and crazy and generally shitty it was. I've come a long ways, I mean now I actually use Titles/Subjects in my posts! I definitely don't want to go back.

If you want a time capsule of my beginnings as a blogger check it out here. I warn you though... it ain't pretty but it is thoughtful..

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October 20, 2005

Welcome, GG Michaƫlle Jean

After reading this article about Governor General Michaëlle Jean's visit to one of the country's poorist schools , I was quite moved and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome her as our new Governor General. I hope this spirit spreads, I really do, and I think if you continue in this direction you will be a wonderful force of good and hope.

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October 19, 2005

She just squeezed this out...

I .. ahhm.. yessss.. uhhh.. er.... CLICK BELOW.
The Sneeze "Eat me"
A small salute to mascots who serve up their own...
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Can you pick up my bit of black lung for me? Thanks

Reading my daily Green Car Congress today, and I came across a bit of a disturbing news. At first it seemed like good news, that Klein nixed building a Nuclear power plant in northern Alberta to power the Oilsands project, but then when you read a bit further down, Klein also rebukes usage of Natural Gas (ok, that's fine, it's non-renewable and costly), but THEN he goes on to say he would prefer to see the oil sands companies use coal, hydroelectricity, coal bed methane or the bitumen itself as “much better alternative than using natural gas."

Currently over 70% of Alberta's electricity is produced from Coal-fired plants and there's been a 6% decline of oil production every year for the past 5 years. Most of the oil that is produced is bound for export, just like the new 7 billion dollar refinery they are planning in Redwater (northern Alberta) which is mostly producing diesel for export to Asia.

Using an asthma-inducing, dirty burning, (I won't say greenhouse gas producing because that term has been used too much), non-renewable resource in gigantic quantities to extract another non-renewable resource that is quickly disappearing seems ridiculous to me. Truthfully they are just scrambling for ways to delay the inevitable, and that's the obvious looming economic crisis in Alberta. The only real way to reverse this is to quickly switch gears onto other energy sources and get their asses out of the past.

You can see the resistance to change in car dealerships here too, you go to a Toyota dealership in Europe and they're all about the slick little cars that burn very little gas and are low on emissions. You go to a Toyota dealership in northern Alberta and you see trucks, 4×4s and way less cars than there should be. You see Hummers in GM dealerships, and on the roads Envoys used as a commuter car with one occupant.

Folks say that things won't change until it becomes affordable to buy nice looking fuel efficient vehicles. Well those vehicles are here, and they cost 60% that of an Envoy and are 400% more efficent and friendly to this world we live on. A great way to create change in behavior would be for the wealthy to buy vehicles such as these, or pimped out fancy-assed versions of them, that way the little people would follow suit. I mean c'mon, just because you have 1 child doesn't mean you need a minivan, get with it people.

On the brighter side there are companies such as these Australian ones that are working on a way to convert coal to liquid fuel, and Toyota who is showing a Hybrid Minivan and Hybrid Fuel Cell concept vehicles at the Tokyo Motor Show. I cheer when I see things like this, it renews my faith that some folk are forward thinking and not just concentrating on filling their baskets with mana from the sky.

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October 18, 2005

Karma's catchin' up to ya

I don't know exactly what I did, but ever since Friday morning my nickname should be changed to "F$#@up Dave" at work. I think about 3 or 4 things have come to light (not really that major by themselves but put together, not that great) and I'm in the shitter. Or at least in my own personal shitter, my boss hasn't performed a smackdown yet.

I'm my own worst critic though, I really hate making mistakes, any mistakes. I'm also not very forgiving, I tend to beat myself up for things; weeks afterwards I'll remember something and go "Stupid! Stupid!". Yeah it's my own brand of derangement.

I am just hoping that this trend is over and I can get back to the normal weirdness. I sometimes get odd feelings, I deem them to be futuristic (mostly because I like to believe I'm a seer) and I'm having some this week. It's like somethings going to shift and thrust me into another change. I can feel a great amount of work coming, and a great amount of change, not bad I don't think, just different, possibly even good. Once again, my own lunacy kicking in.

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October 14, 2005

Welcome Squiddy!

Hey all three of you, head on over to the soon-to-be blossoming Squidblog.

He's a buddy from a hellofalongtimeago who started to blog again and was just recently welcomed into the Munuvian gang. We are becoming quite the force, let me tell you.

Be kind, he's not at 100% yet

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Always scheming

Tuesday night at supper everything was pretty normal, other than X-man was being difficult when it came to eating "just 2 more bites" and "just 1 more bite" and "You can't have ice cream unless you take 2 more bites". He'd take 2 more bites, then pull them out and the final straw was when he threw them on the floor. I took him into his room to bed for a time-out (which works great for him btw) for about 3 minutes, they say you're supposed to use 1 minute per year of age.

Xavier came out all apologetic, saying he'd finish supper (which we never pushed him on), and began playing with some toy or another. About an hour or so later he stand up, looks at Mommy and says "If I pee in the potty do I get ice cream?", Mommy says "Yes" of course. He's in the midst of some difficult potty training times, and bribery seems to be the only way to get him to do it. He proceeds to take off his pull-ups, sit on the potty, and about 3 minutes later says "I pee'd", and "Go see". So I get up and sure enough there's about 3 drops in the potty. We're congratulatory, etc. and I get the ice cream ready, all the while trying not to laugh and laugh, realizing we've been had. The little bugger was probably planning it the whole time he was playing with his toys. We're in for some interesting times ahead.

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October 11, 2005

Since when

Since when is it ok to be upset at an obviously new server at Tim Horton's on a Thanksgiving friggin Monday, especially when you're at least 60, in nice clothes and you know she's getting paid shit-pay to be there while her family is at home getting drunk and eating turkey. Isn't wisdom and patience supposed to come with old age? On top of this, 15 years ago you would have been at home making you're own f#$@ing coffee, because nothing was open on holidays, or even Sundays.

Maybe the old people I'm thinking are my grandparents and my parents. Maybe baby boomer grandparents are asshats who are so self-obsessed and careless that no one else matters, let alone some poor little girl with a 60% grip on the English language, who can't talk back to them because she'd lose her job. Maybe that's a poor generalization, but I find many well-to-do boomers are completely rude and self absorbed, it shows in their interactions with service people, and the way they drive.

I can't wait to see many of the youth of today, with their lack of respect, as old people. Good god, hide the guns grandpa's on a rampage again!

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Have I ever mentioned

How much it hurt tah bite yo tongue? Gah dammit! (I'm tawking dis way becaw dat's what I did at lunch, ad the friggin' ting is beeding).

I stomped so hard on the floor somebody came into the lunchroom to see if I was ok.

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October 05, 2005

Standing strong at 396

lol... apparently the TTLB Community of Canadian Blogs has been up for a while, and I'm #396 out of 413, lowered 20 since my inception into the community. Kick ASS. YEEEAAaaa... whatever. It doesn't matter, what does matter are all those great folk coming to my site searching for t33ns in p*nties and "J3nny Turpish Slapped me" and the Je*pardy theme s*ng, ok yeah no, you won't really find that here.

Hey so damn am I busy lately, I have (I believe) every weekend booked up until New Years. It's freakin' nuts. The only problem is, the band I've been getting subs for is getting a little antsie about having lots of trumpet subs. I kind of agree, you need a regular lineup to sound good, and to rehearse. With that though, there are some problems with getting subs (or another trumpet player), but I won't go into that. bad charts I believe there will come a time soon when I will have to choose one or the other, because there are 2 full time latin clubs with live bands, so there are much more gigs available.

Oh, and another thing of interest, this weekend will mark the 3rd week in a row that I haven't given a thought to playing games on my computer. 3 weeks.

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