October 12, 2006

Bio (Updated)

I'm Oorgo, or Dave as I'm sometimes called, and I live in Northern Alberta, Canada. I work in tech support for a small medical automation software company, while attempting to gig on the side playing trumpet, whenever possible (usually Latin bands these days).

I grew up in a small town, moved to a small city when I was 19, went to college studying Music, mostly Jazz trumpet. I went to University at St. Francis Xavier in Antigonish Nova Scotia for a couple years (they gave me transfer credit to finish off a degree) in their Music program, B. Mus Jazz performance.

I met my wife when we were in college, we started seeing each other when I was 21, a couple years after university we bought a house and then got married in 1997. 2 days before our wedding one of our best friends, and the best man for our wedding, died of a heart attack. He was inflicted with a genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos syndrome, where the tissue in his body was weakened and could rupture under pressure. He was told he was a ticking time bomb when he was diagnosed, and that most adults don't live past 21 with the condition. He beat the odds for 5 years (I believe), and we gave our son his name as a middle name.

In early 1997 we both were laid off, her in January, me in February. I was unemployed for approximately a year, at that time I went back to school for Help Desk, and got a tech support job back in the internet boom days.

I'm now 37, we have a little 3 (almost 4) year old boy who is amazing and a miracle. He was born 7 weeks early with bi-lateral brain bleeds, seizures, and had to be intibated to breath from the start. The doctors said he may never walk properly, he may have cerebral palsy, he may be mentally handicapped, and the list went on. He is NONE of the above, he walks fine, is incredibly bright and has proved them wrong and astonished everyone at ever turn in the road. He's now talking up a storm and in regular pre-school.

Xavier is our 3rd child, we have had difficulty bringing a child to term, our first child was a missed miscarriage, and the second, Tristan, was 37 weeks fully grown but his heart stopped. No doctor to this day can give us a definite reason why it happened, we will probably never know. They believe it was "compression of the cord", but no deformaties, no clots, no umbilicle cord problems that you could see. I still get angry when I think about it, I'm sure it will take a long time still, before we entirely recover.


Ok so I am apparently a terrible father and all that stuff, because I didn't update this to include Griffin who was born at the end of 2005. He was born via cesarian at 27 weeks and is now a 10 months old handful. Growing like a weed, teething, scrapping with his older brother, laughing and laughing and screaming and slapping. He's about 25 lbs and it's mostly all muscle, he has red hair like me and curly hair like his mom when she was little. Most people that meet him think he's going to be a football/hockey player he's so stocky.

SO that's my story.
The name Oorgo came from a D&D character I created back in ... I think it was 1990 or 91, on an online multiplayer text adventure game. A semi-random movement of the keys, and I dug it so that became my nickname. At one time I was also known as Rufus the Red, back in Malum and Viewline days. If you are reading this and you know me from that time, don't hate me I was a punk-ass kid.

Posted by Oorgo at October 12, 2006 03:35 PM
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