December 28, 2002

And on and on

Well it just goes on and on and on and on.

Xavier is still in the hospital, because of a sleep test a week ago, which said he had some sleep apnea.

I understand they are being very cautious, and I understand that they don't want him coming home with possible problems. What DOES piss me off is the constant f*#$ing drama that happens there every day. Monday they put him on oxygen, and gave him Diurhetics (sp?) because they though he might have fluid in his lungs... fine... but then he started losing a bit of weight (most likely water from the diuretic right? You would think that would be common sense, but NO, the f$#@ing doctor goes "He must be using up too much energy feeding, we'll have to start gavaging (sp?) (tube down the throat, feeding him that way), and only 15 minutes on the breast..

So guess what? He loses even MORE WEIGHT, Gee , wonder why?

The lactation specialist comes in, takes a look at everything and goes "What the hell? He's feeding fine at the breast, and off the bottle, and he probably lost some water from the diuretic!!" (in other words DUH!) So now he's feeding almost entirely from the breast and being topped up from the bottle. IT JUST HAPPENS that this is exactly the way he WAS being fed, before they put him on the damn oxygen etc. and he WAS gaining weight.

It just baffles me sometimes how any of these doctors get through the day when they can't even link simple things like that together. How do they pull out of parking stalls with their car, you have to be able to comprehend that you must turn on the ignition, put the car into reverse, and maneuver the wheel out of the stall. Pretty complex compared to the above scenario with Xavier.

OH, and get this too.... some dumb f#@$ father that though he knew everthing went into the fridge with the milk, to get a bottle of their milk... he misread the label and got a bottle of Ambers!
Not only did that not give her enough for the next feed, but NOW she has to get a stupid HIV test, just in case.... apparently that is the hospital policy. I told her she should refuse until her doctor comes in on Monday, then she can get test results from her prenatal blood tests etc. F#$@ sticking a needle in her arm if they don't have to.

Anyways, I have to go now .... and increase the mileage on my car another 42 Kms ... I've put about 15,000 on it since April, it's gonna be worn out before I pay it off :)

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December 17, 2002

You would think

with reports on performance, and stats, and quality of service, and endless compliments from customers, that I wouldn't get hassled by management and supervisors about being late maybe 8 - 10 minutes once a week.... ooo and sometimes 1 minute...

You would think that

Well I just learned from a colleague who works in a different department, that my supervisor was talking to her and said my Manager is closely watching me... for this specific reason, she's very upset, and somehow thinks this is a huge fucking problem.

If you look at the stats, etc. I take more calls, close more calls, and solve more problems than anyone here. Yet I get treated like shit if I couldn't get to sleep, sleep in, miss my train, and come in 10 minutes late....

I need a new job... this just does NOT make me want to be here. AND on top of it all I get this info from a fellow employee... the supervisor shouldn't be TALKING about this to fellow employees. That's called inappropriate in my books. Defamation of character I think the term is.

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December 13, 2002


Well... we got a new pediatrician. Found even more fuel for the fire last night when Amber actually read the Sleep test.
Sleep test result: "This infant has mild sleep apnea(sp?), most likely because of prematurity"
Doctors description "Oh, he's got sleep apnea, we have to leave him on that O2 for longer" (no mention of Mild or Prematurity)

New pediatrician comes in , looks at everything, examines Xavier, says "We'll do a sleep test next week and if the tests come out well he'll be going home soon" Yay!

Gee ... look what happens just by changing doctors

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December 12, 2002

Now I know

Well, my suspicions were confirmed, our pediatrician sucks.
She flies in yesterday for 10 minutes... reads a couple charts .. looks at Xavier for like 1 minute, ignores everything we tell her, or p'shaws it (especially when we say anything positive about how well he is doing), says "He was so so sick" about 10 - 15 times, then leaves.

Example: "This test shows that we have to keep him on a little oxygen" - doctor
"He was off it all day and last night, and had hardly any few desats (low oxygen saturation), or Brads (not sure what that means)" - us and the nurse
"How bad were they?" - doctor to nurse
"Hardly low at all" - nurse

"Well the test 2 days ago told us he has to stay on it, so we'll put him back on" - Doctor

F*#$ ... who is there all the time... who sees exactly how well he's improving... nurses and his mother. Who does she listen to? A test, and her own negative doomsayer attitude.

Anyways, we're getting rid of her, and the charge nurse will get us another one, maybe one that has a bit of personality, not a clinical, negative know-it-all bitch.

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December 05, 2002

Doctors suck

Well I've come upon the opinion that Doctors, specifically Pediatric doctors in large busy hospitals, suck.

Amber went to visit Xavier's pediatrician yesterday, and first off she went through all of the possible, and worst case scenarios that he might be facing, if in fact he has the blood clots. Then saying it might have something to do with her, and some rare pregnancy related thrombosis (blood clotting problem). THEN precedes to tell her that all of this is based on the tests that were done, but are NOT A PROGNOSIS. So Amber leaves feeling like it's partly her fault that there are problems, and depressed because the doctor said he might have this or that, or whatever.

I swear to $#(%ing god that this doctor hasn't even scene Xavier when he is awake, she just comes in on her daily rounds in the morning when he's asleep... for 15 minutes... and then says that he's lethargic.. MAYBE he's lethargic because you're pumping him full of Phenobarbitol, which makes him sleepy all the time.... #$@!

OH, then she says "He is having problems staying awake during breastfeeding, he might not be able to , or be partly bottlefed" AGAIN... Phenobarbitol bitch... guh!

I'm sure she's over worked, and so are the nurses, but come ON, just because you have a bleak view of life, and your job is sometimes by death, does it mean you have to transfer that onto a mother who's already depressed because her baby is in the NICU for 3 weeks...

Truthfully all you have to do is hold Xavier after he's had his diaper changed, and he follows things with his eyes, looks at you, cries 'cause he's hungry ... recognizes our voices and smell. NOW he's even getting a good sucking function...

Sometimes I think he would be better at home without all the shit of the the hospital to deal with he'd probably improve faster.

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