November 29, 2002

posting, finally

Well, I know it's been forever, but I'm finally updating my livejournal.

Damn has it been hectic, what with the tight money situation, work is busy, and our new baby boy!

That's right, we had a little boy named Xavier on Sunday Nov. 17 at 5:54, 5lbs 9 ozs. If you want to see some really cute pictures they're here:

He had some difficulty breathing at first, so they put him on an intibator (sp?) and then on CPAP (controlled positive air pressure) to help him out. He also had what they think were seizures at first, so they did some tests later on in the week, brain ultrasound and MRI. The Ultrasound turned up nothing, everything looked fine, but the MRI turned up some oddity in the back of his brain, meaning possible brain damage or blood clots.

They still don't exactly know what the MRI means, we haven't had a definite answer one way or the other. They're basically saying that the only way they can tell if there are problems, is if he starts acting strange, or starts having problems. And now he's getting assigned to a pediatrician, instead of a neo-natal specialist, I guess that's good.

The thing I keep saying is he looks so great, and acts so normal and active, plus he's gaining weight, he must be doing fine.

The nurse thinks he'll be out of there sooner than we think, so we're gonna have to start cleaning the house like mad. I bet that he's gonna be home by the end of next week.

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