January 16, 2003

Weirdness abounds

Well, the dumbest thing happened.

Since I started using my computer system (back when it still belonged to my past employer, who I purchased it from), probably 3 years, screensavers, and power management have never worked. They would come on momentarily and then suddenly switch off. I tried countless things, flashing the BIOS, formatting harddrive, installing new OS, pissing around with power management settings....
Well recently I installed Mandrake, and noticed that at odd intervals I'd get a ` on the screen... and if you went away from the keyboard there would be a few of them.

Well I'm at work the next day and I think "HEY! Stuck key! I can just replace the keyboard" So I bought a $10 keyboard at FutureShop , installed it... and VOILA! Screensaver works, sleep mode works, etc. etc.

It's amazing the little things you miss.

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January 09, 2003

New Xavier pics

New pics of Xavier up!


I'll have more soon, just have to develop some film ;)

Thanks to for the majority of the "at home" pictures, you'll be able to notice, because the resolution and color is better :)

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January 08, 2003


Damn... I am so freakin' tired. I know... it goes without saying... parenthood==loss of sleep but damn... today I was talking to someone on the phone and I was on the brink of sleeping several times. That has to say something for the interest I had in the call.

Oh, I've been listening to The Hives today ... pretty awesome stuff, you should check them out.

Nothing too interesting to report... other than the usual feh.

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January 07, 2003

Xavier is home!

Well if anyone hasn't heard yet, Xavier is home! yay!

He came home Wednesday, January 1st, and so far it's been a great New Years. He's doing great, eating like a pig, growing... he's up to 22 inches (probably more now), and 6 lbs 13 ounces (also probably more now). Eating about 4 ounces of milk every feeding, crying... pooping.... all the good stuff.

And on top of it, we found out our horrible awful neighbors are getting their house sold by the bank, because of her not complying with seperation agreements with her husband. These people neglected their dog so badly that the SPCA had to take it away, they had been leaving it in the house in a kennel on the weekend while they went out camping. The poor dog ate all it's food and had to eat it's own feces, it was so badly malnourished the SPCA had to put it down. I think they deserve much more than they are getting, I wish you could file criminal charges of neglect.

ANYways, glad they are going, it's about time, and super glad that Xavier is home now, even though I've lost a fair amount of sleep so far. The little bugger thinks it's great to stay up really late, or get up at 2am and go to sleep at 5 am

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