October 15, 2007

Election Day

So today is election day here in my city, and a more wacky bunch of kooks ..er... candidates for mayor could not be dreamed up.

We have the current mayor who has not exactly made friends by raising taxes, accepting pay hikes, planning new sports arenas where they shouldn't be and aren't needed and pretty much throwing our money around willy-nilly. Meanwhile our streets are in HORRIBLE disrepair, I mean the roads are so rough and the potholes are so deep I think I saw a pair of eyes peering out of one the other day. We have hundreds of homeless people living in tents etc. along with needy people in the thousands who can barely afford living in our crazy boomtown economy.

Some of the contenders for office:

A nice guy but little experience
A whack job
A whack job nutcase
A redneck guy whose claim to fame is a website
A bunch of other guys who don't have websites and I know nothing about.

Who do I vote for?

I dunno... the inexperienced guy probably ... anything is better than the current one or worse yet the vocally anti-gay anti-abortion freakazoid who somehow got support to run.

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