December 05, 2007


Last Monday my Grandma died and on this past weekend we traveled 8 hours to attend the funeral in the little town where she lived and where Mother and Father live now. She lived to the amazing age of 98, had 8 children and now has a huge family. We all loved Grandma, I don't think anyone in all the branches of the family tree held anything but love for her.

The turnout in the little hall was really good, it was packed, but even then about 35 people from the family didn't make it. All things considered it's December now, and roads can be treacherous and unpredictable in western Canada. Saskatchewan is nuts, I mean you drive a couple hours and you go through 2 different weather fronts.

It's hard to describe the effect that she had on her family or the town she lived in and the ability she had to give and love. Even after her family had grown up and left home she took in 2 children at separate times, I believe both of them lost their mothers. Grandchildren also went to stay with her, almost every summer there was one there when I was growing up. Every year when I was growing up we had reunions in her yard: a double-lot with a little house a big garden and a crazy amount of plants. Sitting around the campfire my Mom would play guitar, we would sing songs from a songbook someone made up.

She didn't always agree with how someone was living, in fact she would tell you straight away what she thought, and made sure you knew the consequences of your actions. She never ever gave up on anyone though. she had no problem setting you straight, with some wise (sometimes stern) advice on the path you were heading down. Your acceptance of that advice was sometimes negligible but if you fell she always welcomed you back, no question about that.

I'll miss her, and I'm a little sad but I think she lived a good long life and she provided a wonderful role model along with the cement that holds our large family together.

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