September 24, 2007

Like water, that's been sitting for weeks in a pot in the sink

This blog is in general disrepair, embarrassingly outdated and horribly under-updated. Stale and sour smelling like a geek after a weekend of only playing WoW, not showering and just drinking beer and Cheeto's.

It's not that I don't care, it's that I'm in sort of a shame spiral right now... I don't post and then I feel bad so I post but I'm not happy about what I write so I feed bad then I don't post and ... etc. etc. That and the horrid Facebook virus has overtaken some of my free will and is abusing my constant craving of information, no matter how dullard.

Is this the defining point where this blog goes to sleep forever with a needle in the temple and a colostomy bag? Is this post itself some rebirth of the blog? Is it even worth it for me to continue?

Am I that effing uninterested with life that I can't form a paragraph to talk about things that bother me? That could be too.

Some of this relates to the fact that I'm one of those guys who likes to do everything, pulled in all sorts of directions but in the end seems to do nothing. Kind of like multi-tasking: a little bit of a whole bunch of things but really a whole lot of jack squat. I want to spend time with my kids, I want to spend time with my wife, I want to play music, I want to play video games but then I need to do things too : I need to fix some shit in the yard, I need to go to gigs, I need to go to work...

There's just not enough hours in the f#$@ing day are there?

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