August 14, 2007

Evan and donuts

So the other day Xavier and Mommy were in the living room and he says to her 'Mommy is Evan a nice guy?'. She was a little confused so she asked 'Evan? Who's Evan?'. He said 'You know, Brutus went to Evan after he died?'.

We were coming back from southern Saskatchewan in the car, following some slowpokes and we were grumbling etc. as usual. We finally caught up to the culprit, a lady with a temporary spare on, so I said "OH that lady is driving with a donut on". I hear this cackling from the back seat, Xavier says "That lady didn't buy a tire, she went to a restaurant and got a donut?" and he laughs some more. A few days later he was recalling the story to his buddies and laughing again.

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