January 27, 2006


Low posting this week I've been damn swamped at work and home.

Anyways, you know, people tell you how unsecure cordless phones are, don't they? I heard lots about it when they first came out, and they credit card /banking / any company who deals with sensitive information tells you not to perform transactions over your cordless phone. Well after this week I want to invest extra money in the FS Digital cordless, (full spectrum, it means the signal jumps from frequency to frequency and it is damn difficult to intercept or block).

I bought a set of wireless headphones from XSCargo (cheap, like, $25-30 CDN) for my wife for Christmas, and I finally got around to setting them up this week. The first thing I heard when I was changing frequency was a kid probably 10 or 12 talking to another kid the same age about something, I didn't listen. I fiddled around and voila! another conversation from someone. I think I counted 5 different conversations, all coming through in beautifully clear. Well the next day I figured out what part of the problem was, the transmitter was turning off because I didn't have the tv turned up loud enough.

Now it makes me wonder if I'm transmitting over folks cordless phones (probably older 900 mhz ones). If I am maybe they'll wake up and get into the 21st century. Unless you want someone to know all about your biznezz (and these headsets were a hot item, they had stacks and they went like hotcakes) buy a decent FSDD phone, preferrably 2.4 - 5.8 gHz so you aren't broadcasting your sex life to the neighbourhood.

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January 23, 2006

It's voterrific!

Oh, yeah, if you're in Canada go vote today eh?

'Cause if you don't, like, the hoseheads will get in,and we don't want that, no sir.

No sir, we don't

If you're not voting, then you know the jackass down the street with the guns and the dobermans is. And he's deciding who will be your Prime Minister.

edit: Everyone should be like this guy from New Brunswick, he hiked across an Ice Jam to go vote. You wussies.

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So cold, so.... cold...

At the height of selfishness, a wealthy future popsicle has set himself up for a comfy lifestyle once he's reanimated. WSJ.com - A Cold Calculus Leads Cryonauts To Put Assets on Ice (found at boing boing )

I want to leave a legacy, to myself, so my future self can thank his fore-self for a selfish self self self. Sure, yeah, if you actually think you will come back alive, ok, put away some stuff, but his major point seems to be so he can wake up 100 years later "the richest man in the world".

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January 17, 2006

So apparently the great blonde joke

went really wild, there's a dude (who I only know of from a sitemeter referral) who did some off the cuff programming (apparently bored, if only I should be so talented) and came up with an insane diagram of the path of the joke. It really is doing the rounds... It seems I'm on the tail end of it. That thing pumped like 500 hits in a few days to my blog, something rarely seen. I mean... most people come here searching for such jewels asjeopardy theme song, what does your birthday mean and jenny turpish slapped me.

A thanks to Gir, Snooze Button Dreams and Hitch Magazine for continuing the fun.

Edit: Thought Torrent also has a wicked graph along with a number system and key... this dude did his work. I am 181, if you can pick me out I'm in the upper right-hand corner. 181.. so I am infinity squished inbetween 2 beginnings... how cosmic

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January 16, 2006

sniff, why?

I struggle every day with the reasons I'm not popular (no I don't) and every day I think "Why oh god? Why am I such a pathetic nobody? Why does almost no one read this blog I sweat blood over?" (slack infinitely over, more like).

Anyways, if I was the type to be this way I may take offense to gapingvoid: top ten reasons why nobody reads your blog, instead I laugh and cry and laugh. Oh, and watch out for the link to the naked lady blog, it really IS naked ladies... and lots of them.

Here's a quick clip:
4. A secret cabal of A-Listers got together and decided that you should be excluded from the conversation.

Yeah, they sit around sipping champagne, eating caviar and laughing about you.

5. You have nothing to say.

The fact that you haven't figured this out yet surprises everyone.
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January 13, 2006


I'd just like to say once again how disgusted I am with the choice of politicians we have to give the power of running our country.

They reek of desperate men only looking to win.

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January 10, 2006

Shift work

Ok I know, I know, I have not been posting, yes, all 3 of you readers, I know this to be true, and I apologize. There are a couple of reasons why it's been so damn light lately, and I will go through them. I'm putting in place some vague structure in this chaos and therefore I have to try and be strict with myself. BAD Dave! whoo-psh! ok, not that, that would be more like fun.

As part of my plan to stop procrastinating (Hey check it out, it's almost 2 weeks into the new year and I'm still working on this) I decide to work in shifts. By this I mean I work at work, and I'm home when I'm at home. This may sound simple but there are so many damn distractions at work (via the Intarweb) that I tend to get side-tracked very easily and then work less than enthusiastically throughout the day. Mornings and late in the day are especially bad, I've gotten myself in this routine of slackdom and I seem to enforce it during these times the most. Along with my morning coffee I tend to read my 8 bazillion blogs on bloglines instead of focusing on where I am, at work. Workaholics can never get their minds off work, we procrastinators can never keep our minds there.

Procrastination extends to my home life too, I tend to do what I'm doing right now, go downstairs and do things on the computer. Sometimes I would do almost nothing but surf. Some might say "Hey you deserve it, it's a relaxing end to a busy day", well that would be true if you had a busy fulfilling day, not a busy one full of continual sidestepping and dodging the bullet. For example today I stuck to my guns for probably 80% of the workday and I came home feeling fairly happy, not entirely wholly ready to throttle someone. I believe this is a sign that I'm on the right road.

To sum up, until I can get this down to some kind of science the shift work will continue, perhaps part of the night shift will be blogging? Perhaps. Well with that I must get back to practicing, I have a gig this weekend at a mansion downtown, yeah, pretty cool eh?

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January 03, 2006

Best Blonde Joke Evah!!

Damn, I don't usually laugh at blonde jokes but THIS ONE is great.

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January 01, 2006

Yeah I'll do that tomorrow.

I bookmarked a page months ago called procrastination, how to stop procrastinating - psychological self-help. It's a bit ironic that I put off reading it because it is a long read and takes some sort of attention span to finish. Anyways I figured New Years Day would be a perfect day to pull it out and go through it. A couple things freaked me out and by freaked out I mean enlightened, yeah sure, no wait, make that freaked me out.

There seem to be a fistful of procastinator types, and I'm pretty sure I'm almost every one of them. I'm a mixture of the two main groupings: Tense-Afraid and the Relaxed type. I sometimes blow off things because I don't want to do them, but then instead of actually forgetting about the shit I was supposed to do, it lingers in my brain like the garbage I was supposed to take out today and eats at me until I either do it or regret not doing it. Maybe that's why I always have a sense of doom about me, because deep down I think all those things I've put off will come back crashing down on me all at once, or in waves of unpleasantness.

Here are some of the types of procrastinators they give:
"perfectionist" "dreamer" "worrier" "defier" "crisis-maker" "over-doer"

I'm less of the latter, I tend to be under-done, the least amount of work possible is right for me. I'm less lazy than unorganized and fearful of failing or doing a half-assed job, so instead I put it off until I rush through it and you guessed it... it becomes less than perfect. You take bits of each of those (other than crisis-maker, I'm not as much a drama queen, don't listen to my wife) and that's me. I'm super defiant though, I'm defiant to the point of not coming in to work on time just to spite my previous employer every day of the last 2 weeks I gave. If you nag me at all about something that I deem less important there's a good chance I will do it at even a lesser pace than I was, or turn it around and somehow make you do it yourself. I worry constantly and my dreaming has always get me in trouble, oh and the first one perfectionist? I think that's what got me into trouble in the first place, I figured after the first few times of not doing something perfectly that it wasn't worth doing, and the putting off of things began.

If you are reading this and think "Eh, he's overthinking this, he can't be that much of a procrastinator, everything works out, just relax buddy" then you probably don't know me well enough. I've procrastinated things to the brink of disaster. Back in College I waited until 2 days before a wind ensemble jury to get a group of musicians to play in the combo I required to pass. I actually envisioned myself jumping in front of a bus because I couldn't take the pressure. Years later in University I waited until the weekend before a research project was due to type it all up... 20 or 30 pages worth. I HAD the stuff in notes but just was dreading the typing. Also only needing one course and some other stuff to graduate from University I came back to Alberta, but instead of finishing it up and getting my degree I've successfully procrastinated 12 years away.

Well I haven't gotten all the way through the article because I keep finding things to distract me, so I'll have to keep you informed of my progress. I know that I've put off this post until Jan 2nd, and it's actually a diversion from working on a big band chart that I've also put off for at least 9 years. Am I a hopless procrastinator? Hell probably, but dammit I have to try, I need to get some frickin' control over this bald tired car on an icy bridge that I call an existence, or the future will be a big drop into an frozen river with me clinging to my kids hoping they make something of themselves so as to keep me afloat.

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