October 29, 2004

100 reasons to be logical

Came across this great article at The Nation, via Norbizness: 100 Facts and 1 Opinion. It's a great list of real reasons why Americans should vote against Bush in the upcoming election. I don't care if you don't like Kerry... look what your current administration has done.

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Oh isn't it wonderful to live in Alberta

Where the politicians mock and deride the severely handicapped and infirm. Where people are accused across the board of abusing a fund that gives them a pittance of $850 a month to live on. Where our premier openly admits he is the king and our opinion doesn't count, gets pissed up, threatens and verbally abuses men in a homeless shelter.

'Severely normal' people don't want to talk about AISH: Klein

I think he believes he will be voted back in so much that he's pushing the envelope, pushing peoples buttons and showing his true character: an uncaring jackass.

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October 28, 2004

This is MAH haws, MAH haws

This has got to be the strangest thing I've ever heard about... or close to.

Woman returns from vacation, find stranger living in, redecorating house

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Fahrenheit 9/11

I got this from Darren. You can now watch Fahrenheit 9/11 online, not great quality, but it does get the point across.


This gives all you folks who reviewed it via heresay and brayed for blood without any basis, a chance to view it incognito. Do it, you know you want to.

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October 27, 2004

GWB site goes on ultra-paranoid stealth mode

Bush website conspiracy theories darken skies | The Register

Apparently today Georgebush.com began rejecting any connections from any computers outside the US or Canada. In my eyes it's like an admission of guilt, he's trying to hide out from the large quantity of haters out there. Either that or maybe they're trying to save money on bandwidth, and those foreigners don't need to know 'bout him anyways.

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October 26, 2004


Yes, the inevitable has happened, my poorness has made me put google ads on the site.

I don't expect riches or anything, but who knows maybe I'll get enough to pay back Dan back his $25. Or maybe enough for a coffee someday... oh to dream....

Anyways, click if you please... on said ads above ...

pr0n porn sex s3x0rz doggie love *blatant attempt at hits*

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October 23, 2004

Funny X-man bit

Had to blog this before I forget about it, today I was showing Xavier how he could put his little drum around his neck and play it. He insisted on only playing with one hand, so picked up the other stick and played with him. He mutters, gives me this look, looks around a bit, spots a ball, grabs it and gives it to me. As if to say "Here, play with this nice ball, I'm playing with the drum". He was happy when I left him to the drum, and I had a hard time not laughing hard.

He's also taken to the bate and switch thing ( I believe that's what it's called) at an early age . Today he wanted me to sit on the floor at a certain spot so we could play ball; he told me this by going to the spot croutching down and patting the floor. I instead went and sat over where he had been. He looks at me, goes walking into the kitchen (where he's not allowed), once I got into the kitchen all the way telling him to "get out" he turned around, left the kitchen (too easily) and proceeded to go sit where he had been.

He's going to be 2 in November. This kid is going to rule the playground, in a subliminal way, they won't even know what hit them.

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October 21, 2004

"Things are getting better.. oh but don't get comfortable"

I've ranted about the RIAA before, but the article below flabbergasts me. Is the RIAA run by advisors for the Bush administration? Deny everything if it doesn't agree with your current campaign?

Music sales rise despite RIAA's best efforts | The Register

Let's see... "sales up 10% from last year.. but those music Pirates are still stealing money from our pockets". To me this resembles the denial of the Bush campaign that the violence is worse now in Iraq than it ever was.

My imitation of the RIAA (hands over ears and hands over eyes) LA LA LA I can't hear you! They're hurting us I swear! We're going down down down! Bring out the lawyers I can feel my porsche turning into a BMW.

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October 20, 2004

Playing keep away

Well it finally happened, I apparently threw the ball too low and the kid in the middle picked it up. Got a notice of disconnection from my telco company monday. Luckily it was resolved and I could pay it today, but sheesh... it just makes me want to shutdown and become a vagrant sometimes. Take the bankruptcy ticket, sell off all my goods, move us into a crappy basement appartment again and revert back 10 years to the days before we owned a house.

I have to remind myself that this TOO shall pass, until the next notice comes along (probably gas / power next). It's hard to see a positive financial future when every time you look away from something the next time you glance back it's on fire or threatening to pull out the rug from underneath you.

Sometimes responsibility can be such a downer.

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October 18, 2004

Let it s*** let it s*** let it s***

Damn you snow!
Cursed in the middle of October!
25 centimetres since Friday
I can't afford to buy new tires
I don't want to shovel my walk yet
I don't want to let my car warm up
and leave 10 minutes early
Damn you snow!

(this could work out to be a good chant)

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October 14, 2004

The kids get the gist... water and sunlight powered pickup

In the same vein as the previous here's a story about some high school students who have created a self-sustaining Hydrogen powered pickup truck.

WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Hydro-Solar Vehicle

Sometimes it takes kids to show professional scientists/researchers the simplicity of things. Large companies have been dragging their feet on issues such as these, it's obviously not because of the complexity but because of other political/partnership/bigoilbastard reasons.

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October 12, 2004

Can use my bike tire pump?

This article is much too cool, and blew me away:

WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Car That Runs On Air, Revisited

50 miles on a tank of compressed air at a max speed of 70 mph and a byproduct of cold air. Throw an air compressor in the back, and cover the body with solar film and you have a self-sustaining mode of transporation.

I swear.. this technology was probably available 10 or 20 years ago, just the big oil companies have kept it at bay until recently.

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Roaming the Sask

Well we got back at 5 on Sunday from our trip around Saskatchewan, 3 tanks of gas and about 1800 kms later.

The visit with my parents went really well, it was really nice to have an actual visit with them away from my other relatives. Xavier thought they were awesome, he took to my mom right away, and I'm pretty sure he misses her, they had such fun together. He got to see his great grandma for 3 visits too, and took to her right away, she sure thought that was great. He amazes us every day, she was in a wheelchair so we sat him on her lap and he sat real still, with a grin on his face, seeming to know she couldn't take much squirming etc.

Dad and I worked on my car for 3 days, we pulled off most of the dash to get to the AC grill. It was completely plugged, used some Fantastik and soaked it from the outside, then shot through compressed air from the inside. Some nice big black chunks of stuff came out... yech. The amount of air output is phenomenal now, there's more on low than there was on High. We also resolved an issue with taking off from a stop, it no longer bogs out when it's cold, and it seems to have better pickup all around. Now I just have to watch my speed, damn V6.

Regina and Saskatoon went pretty well, odd how Casino Regina is a major attraction, enough that they have blue signs with a distance countdown from every entrance to Regina.

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October 01, 2004

Good morning back

Woke up this morning and damn.. apparently even though I look about 10 years younger than I am, my back knows my age, and has decided to jump ahead about 30 years where I'm old and I'm hobbling about.

The pain originates from a sprint I did in the mall a couple weeks ago. I was carrying X-man, who was struggling to get me to let him down, and I was unable to put him down for about 20 minutes. Lower back pain is the worst, it seems to creep into, and effect everything you do. Reach for that.. ow.. bend down to.. OW .. move my chair.. I said OW dammit. Pricing out spanky new mattresses etc... yeech... 500 for one that would definitely make life more pleasant.

I think my co-workers are beginning to believe I'm what I'd like to call a "Sicky" ... sick all the time, whining about pain, discomfort etc. I've had 2 colds/flus in the past 3 weeks, neither pleasant, and now this back pain shite. I don't like to be the Sicky one.

The back pain is timely, because I'm going on an 8 hr trip on Monday, all driving, and it's going to make it nice and unpleasant. I'll probably spend half my holiday at my parents laying on my back on the floor, or on painkillers.

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