February 25, 2004

Loverna Revisited

Out of mild boredom I did a google search on Loverna, Saskatchewan and I came up with some pretty cool finds. Surprising, in fact, that there was anything, but there are many pictures and history behind what's now a ghost town. The more I see, the more fitting the song is, I think.
Check some of these out:

Here's where Loverna is

Here's Loverna's Story and some Images

Here's a great picture of Main street Loverna ala 1988

Some pictures of unknown women who lived in Loverna, in 1912.

A spooky picture of a garage in Loverna

Why do I seem kind of obsessed with this tiny little ghost town? I'm not sure, it peaked my interest many many years ago, it must be the innate archeologist in me that is fascinated with long-gone places, relics, and the sad story of Loverna.

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February 19, 2004

He's Furry! He's Fun! He's got a Gun!

I just had to post this, I'm sure you've all seen it before... but if not... here you are...

"Dishonest Dubya" - Lying Action Figure Doll!

I am still amazed that he has actually said such completely ridiculous things, and that someone thought he should be voted into office.

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February 16, 2004

{insert Jeopardy theme song here}

It's the waiting game
Job application silent
I sit, still waiting

{insert ta-da sound effect}
I emailed the company I applied at, and apparently they're very busy but they are going to phone me for an interview next week.

{insert silent movie diminished chord suspense music}

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February 06, 2004

Loverna: No Facilities


Thought I'd throw up this picture we took a long time ago, it was the oddest road sign I'd seen, and stuck in my head for a long time. I even wrote a jazz tune about it just out of University (excuse the sound quality, low budget demo cd).

Loverna is a tiny place in midwest Saskatchewan, near the Albertan border. Never been there, maybe someday.

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February 05, 2004

17 days since last post... bad Oorgo! Bad dog!

Wow... I think that's the longest lag so far posting to this blog. It's been kind of nuts and since I'm not SUPPOSED to be blogging at work (which I am right now), I've been delayed.

On the job front: I have a very very positive opportunity with a company that an ex-coworker and friend is currently working at. It's significantly more money, better benefits, better job environment, better perks, better management. I'm crossing my appendages.

On the X-man front: He's doing really well, other than the odd tantrum because we don't let him play his computer game when he wants. He now recognizes and understands how alot of words and actions go together. For example: he here's someone saying "Hello!" on tv, so he waves at them. Very cute.

last night on the way home I think I got a cold in my ear, within 20 minutes suddenly my hearing decreased 50% in my right ear. Stupid winter. I have a gig this weekend, and I really don't need any ear problems

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