February 11, 2003

Oh Joy

Shaw cut me off from internet yesterday, because apparently I was 2 months behind, a big $127 to reconnect. I said "well, luckily enough Telus' DSL package should be here any day and I'll connect through them". The tech had nothing to say about that.

Anyways, I have no internet for the next while, so I'm posting from work. Hopefully it will only be for a day or so, but we'll see.
This sucks, I don't know the last time I didn't have some internet accessibility from home.... I think it was 1994.

Oh yeah, and I had a reaction to my pillow, so my face and ears have been red and aggravated for the past 2 days. I took some antihistamines yesterday, and they knocked me on my ass, so while I'm at work I'm on my own... and grumpy.

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February 04, 2003

whoa... post lag

I can't believe it's almost a month since I posted last... well ok, I'm exagerating but whatever.

So Xavier is growing rapidly, gaining weight and being an all-around stinker (sometimes literally). It's awesome. Yesterday I was sitting playing with him, and he grinned really big, then stuck his tongue out at me. Hilarious, since we play the "stick out your tongue at each other" game often, I think he wanted to start it. I swear the kid is really smart.

Did I mention he can roll over by himself already? YEah, supposedly that's a 4 monthish thing, but he's doing it now. He's not great at it, and it takes awhile, but he's very stubborn (like mom and dad).

Crazy stuff is happening at work.. 35-40 calls a day, extra core products to support, people quitting out of the blue with no notice. Others ready to riot.

Oh, and dammit I got sucked back into Neverwinter Nights , this time Multiplayer. It's much more fun than single-player, you have all the cool mods, and weapons, it's faster paced, and plus there is the social aspect of it. A few of the guys here at work hooked me on it again. Damn them! :)

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