May 10, 2010

One inch more around the middle

Well it's happened.
I never thought it would happen.
I am still in a little disbelief that it has happened.
I still think it will go away. Probably.
My pants are too tight.

That's right ladies and gentlemen I have gained actual weight enough that when I sit down I have to undo the top button of my pants. It's astonishing, amazing and crazy. I mean sure, ok, I'm 40 but seriously, I haven't change pant sizes in around 15 years. 32/30 that's my size and yep, it's now about to go to 33. Insane.

Is the thickening commencing? I don't know... maybe it's just bloating but this has been going on for awhile now so perhaps I have to face facts: I've gained weight. I can almost bet that this summer with the boys will take the weight off but who knows... I don't tend to go backwards, only forwards :)

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