September 30, 2009

Let's See

Let's see if I remember how to do this thing.

Blog... yes... umm... blog....

Right! Er... I mean Write!!

It's amazing that this thing still exists and doubly amazing that it isn't completely filled with spam comments! I painstakingly deleted a bunch, but I've seen many more on other blogs.
edit - ok so I spoke too soon... craploads of spam comments I have to delete.

What's new... what's new... well not a tremendous amount, we're about 80% done updating the look of our living room, leather sofa loveseat and chair, laminate flooring, paint and possibly a new wall unit coming up. It's been an interesting journey and it's going to get more interesting being that our house is a bi-level with vaulted ceiling. Once you start the living room you have to continue to the kitchen or it looks weird. As it is now our living room looks nice but I look at the cupboards, appliances etc. in the kitchen and they look drab and dated. Slippery slope, it seems.

Still playing the latin music, posted some videos on youtube ... check them out -
Oorgo on Youtube

The kids are growing like weeds, bad weeds. Xavier is in grade 2 now, Griffin is on his way to being on his way to someday being able to go to pre-school. The potty training battle wages on and right now he's winning.

My lovely wife bought a new laptop, she's very happy, she made enough money off 2 garage sales to purchase it. It's shiny, has 3 GB of ram, T4200 dualcore processor, 320 GB Hard drive and a pretty 16" screen. Facebook and Bejewelled never looked so good. :)

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