July 17, 2008

Salsa Colombiana

I'm pretty excited, get to see a Latin band tomorrow night, La Sonora Carruseles from Colombia, they've never been here, let alone western Canada so it's a pretty big thing. Our band does covers of a few of their songs, of course not as great as this one but hey... we try.

So anyways with every good thing of course comes bad, I have tickets for both Amber and I to go, we asked her mom back in January to babysit for us and she said yes. We've reminded her many many times since then and she's said 'no problem'. Well then a week or so ago, indirectly we find out her and Sam are going to Halifax for a week or so and it just HAPPENS to be at the same time as the concert. Yet another example of her family letting her down, it just seems to never end. I'd like to say thanks to her for letting us know, at the time we thought we would have to either sell the ticket or get someone else to go and Amber gets to stay home. Luckily our friend Dan agreed to go, perhaps it could have been the pictures of the attendees in the facebook event, :).

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