February 28, 2008

Alberta Election 2008

So here we are again in Alberta, the reigning conservative party calling an election, the other parties scrambling to get noticed by a populace that has voted like zombies for 37 (?) years. PC after PC after PC has been in power, and we just got rid of the bloated Ralph Klein who everyone wrongly credits for bringing Alberta out of debt. Sorry people, that was the out-of-country companies raping our natural resources that pulled us out of debt.

We have what appears to me to be an incompetent untrustworthy nincompoop in power, a guy who said to the oil companies 'Ok, we're changing the royalties, you guys aren't giving us enough of the pie' and then aboiut a month later reversed his stance, backing down. NO spine. Then there is the so-called opposition poorly underfunded with a ridiculously unseen campaign (so few ads I don't think I've seen one on tv). I like these guys, I really do, their leader seems very competent, personable and they have a good platform, but if you don't show your face on the most popular media (tv) then you're dooming yourself.

On the other side is an NDP leader that seems to me to be a little overzealous and focused more on what wrong things the gov't is doing, then offering up drastic change (Albertans as you can see can't handle drastic change). Oh yeah and a party called the 'Wildrose Alliance' party ... yeah... I watched this dude on the debate and the words that came to mind are 'creepy, backwoods and a little insane'. He made nasty comments on 'the government can never bla bla bla' well dude... if you got into power wouldn't YOU be the government?!

Alberta elections always exasperate me, because you just KNOW that the status quo will reign supreme, you KNOW that the grandparents and business people are out there in zombie voting mode... derrrr... my parents and their parents voted this way... don't give me none a' that change boy.... derrr...

Please, if anyone actually reads this go and vote for someone other than the PC party... It's about time.

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