September 24, 2006

Xavier and our Fit

I love the new car, I really do, and I can't say enough nice things about it. Xavier loves the car more though, to him it's the best thing that's ever happened to us. For the first month after we got the car everyone he happened to talk to he told them "We have a new car! It's a Honda Fit and it's red!" Of course most of them just said "Oh, that's nice dear" and patted him on the head. Every time we go out he talks about it, "that car looks like the Honda Fit... those are the same wheels as the... that car is red just like the.." etc. etc.

The other day I had turned the wrong way down a side street so I said to Xavier "Check this out" and I pulled a U-turn, damn the thing has a great turning radius, anyways he goes "Wow! The Honda Fit is Cooool!" all the while giggling.

I'm pretty sure we have a car nut on our hands.

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September 22, 2006

Dream dream go away

So yet another night goes buy and I have yet another nightmare at 3ish in the morning, again about people dying.

Last nights dream started peaceful enough, walking along downtown and then suddenly a jeep comes screaming towards some kids sitting on the edge of the sidewalk, then veers off just in time, freaking the kids out. Later we're sitting in a restaurant a little ways down, talking about this upcoming gig I have and I see the same jeep fly out of nowhere, careen into the midst of the same bunch of kids. This time he was driving ridiculously too fast, slams into the sidewalk, flips over. There were kids flying, screaming and screaming, one young girl was screaming "My knee!", and just as I'm about to phone 911 I woke up.

I've been getting these horribly realistic dreams for the past while, I had about 2 weeks or so off from them and now they're back. They really screw with my sleep schedule as I jolt awake completely freaked out and can never get back to sleep. I have to go around and check the house for prowlers and then sit and watch tv until I fall asleep. I definitely hope these aren't premonitions, but I don't know where they are coming from and I wish they would go away.

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September 14, 2006


You know sometimes I read so much news and stories, and email, and blogs in a day that I simply can't form a cherent thought by 4 pm. It's like all the stuff is competing for cpu usage, thus dragging down my whole system so the performance is peaked. I'm pausing now to let some of the things tumble out of my overcrowded brain, maybe it'll make room for other more important things.

I can't bilieve the nutjob who shotup that college in Montreal yesterday. It's really too bad he was killed in the takedown, too bad they couldn't have gotten him with some kind of localized knockout gas, so that some crazed students could rip him to shreds or just beat the living shit out him. Torture is only valid for people who have no soul, men/women without a conscience, so cold that they would kill completely innocent people trying to get an education. If I had the capacity and someone tried doing that to my kid they would soon not appreciate taking in breaths and hope and beg for a quick death.

I read that Universal is now going after YouTube and MySpace for copyright infringement. Speaking of people with no conscience
The poster child for (user-generated media) sites are MySpace and YouTube," said Morris, according to a transcript obtained by Reuters. "We believe these new businesses are copyright infringers and owe us tens of millions of dollars.""
So those teens dancing to your shit tunes and those others pumping out blech from imbedded players are copyright infringers? I suppose ... but then that would also mean the asshole drivers of those thump thump cars should be charged with copyright infringment. They are broadcasting music without a license, sharing it with unwilling participants. I don't know of a myspace page that I've visited without quickly hitting the PAUSE button, ok, maybe a couple.

On the flipside I read that Les Paul used to set up a studio in his apartment building in a soundproof room in the basement, and then broadcast closed circuit radio Friday and Sundays for his neighbours. I love it! A time when people shared their talent and gifts with others for free. These guys were famous and without any pay, just for the joy of it, performed with other famous guests and announcers for their fellow apartment dwellers.

Oh for those days to come back again.

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September 08, 2006

Son of a motherless goat

Goddamn it!

I am getting horribly negligent to the blog, I haven't fed or watered her in days and she's starting to look like the dead wheeping birch in our front yard.

Anyways, I neglected to mention I'm on vacation until September 11th, well, not really on holidays, more like just not at work. Not like home isn't most times work, but anyways you get the point.

So, as if it makes any difference, and like this week is any different than others as of late, my posting will be sparce if not non-existant... wait it's f@#$ing Friday already? GODDAMN IT! I seem to be also negligent towards keeping track of time and of getting anything accomplished at any time.

On the lighter side, I usually don't talk about work here because I do like my job so much, but the wicked witch or also called foul hag of the north was canned on Tuesday. It makes me happy beyond what it should. I celebrated with a couple beer today again, for the third time.

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