April 17, 2003

X man

Well Amber finally got in to see Xavier's Neurologist today.

Not terrible news, and definitely not as bad as it could have been. He basically said that Xavier might have Cerebral Palsy in his leg(s) when he grows up. It may very well be minor, or so slight you don't notice, or there is a possibility he may have no recognizable problems.
He will most likely take longer to sit up by himself, and walk, but that's not so bad, we have to learn how to keep our house clean before he starts boogie-ing around.

He will have to go through another MRI (poor bugger), to make sure the blood clot is going away. If not, he will have to go on blood thinner.
He's so darn cute though if the blood clot is still there it can't be severe. He's got amazingly good vision for a baby, he can sit in his swing (which is probably 7 feet from the tv) and when something comes on the tv he thinks is funny he actually grins. Hilarious.

Xavier has been teething alot lately, so he's a bit crankier than usual, and the slightest bit of gassy food puts him pain. Amber is banished from chili, beans, cool whip, etc. :)

Anyways, that's the latest news on the X front.

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