November 10, 2005

February funhouse

So now it appears that 3 of the big loser (non-ruling) parties in Canada are raving and frothing at the mouth for an election in February of next year. Why? Oh, because the "Liberals are corrupt, they have to be taken down", or "I don't trust them".

Let me let you guys in on some secrets that maybe you don't know, but the rest of the general public does:

  1. We don't want to get out of our heated cars in -28 C weather in February to cast a ballot in an election that no one wants
  2. There is no choice for government, because not one of the parties up there has shown itself to be completely reliable and trustworthy or held themselves up to the mirror they are suddenly holding the current government up to.
  3. Not one of the loser party leaders should be a party leader, a party leader should have charisma, charm and leadership skills. Perhaps they should go back to being the attourneys that they were before (I have no backing on this, I would more likely guess they were accountants). Maybe go into denying insurance claim money to injured women and children. Only perhaps Jack Layton seems trustworthy, but even he seems to be a bit of a crackpot these days.

Sure the Liberals were corrupt, EVERY government is corrupt as long there are men and women sitting in positions of power. Corruption breeds in backslapping handshaking environments where people get paid 6 digit figures for working 20ish days a year. Deal with it.

The best motions and programs came from minority governments, let's see how the current gov't pans out, get the fucking power crazy look out of your eyes and sit the fuck back down.

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