August 03, 2005

Chemistry will save our asses

Unfortunately I almost failed Chem 30 so... I'm no help at all.

These guys over at Air Products though.... they've designed a pretty sweet Power and Hydrogen Station

The HES ... is being designed to co-produce electricity and hydrogen for vehicle fueling and electrical power from a single system capable of using a variety of gaseous feedstocks such as natural gas, propane and anaerobic digester gas from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Future auto mechanic stereotypes will have to shift from grease monkey to the thick-rimmed lab coat wearing stereotype. You'll have to know more about resistance, amperage, ohms and all that stuff, than compression, timing, oil pressure etc. It's a whole new world baby. Shank, you're gonna hate it man.

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Hey, I got no problems with hybrid or alternatively fueled engines. Just don't take away horsepower or torque. But yes, if working on my car goes from grease and gas to ohms and amps, I'm going to be completely lost. I guess I better start reading up eh?

Posted by: shank at August 3, 2005 03:54 PM
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