June 13, 2007

Look like I am?

I work in a pretty laid back office, we dress casual, no ties, and no real dress code other than no skank / grungy sweatpants / shorts. Anyways, I've noticed a trend in how I am addressed according to my state of dress. I thought it was interesting and I'd pass it along.

If my hair is short and my beard is trimmed I get treated better, if I'm wearing a golf shirt and brown pants on top of that I get treated even better. If my hair needs cutting and my beard is big and scruffy I get treated (by the same people) less better... I'm still the same person.. I haven't changed, it's just their perspective of me that changes. They're still the same, I'm still the same, it's only the facade that is in their minds in disarray. Am I less serious about my job? No. Am I less reliable, dependable or friendly? No.

Does this happen to you guys? I'm planning a little social research, different outfits and see how well I am treated each time I wear them...

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June 05, 2007


I am scatterbrained these days, I mean sure I'm not focused at the best of times but lately I've been very scatterbrained. I think maybe there's too much going on in there, too many pans in the fire, too many windows on my two monitored brain, too many popups in my Facebook. Yeah I know... I got sucked in.. I'm a loser... and a bandwagon jumper. But once you start it just keeps going and going and dragging you in and soon you have 57 friends and they all are doing something interesting and you have to look and then look at their pictures and maybe peruse their friends to see if there are any people you know so you can add them to your ever growing list of people you know but don't really talk to.

OK maybe that's why I'm scatterbrained.

Well that and there are so many things going on at home, at work, etc. We (me) put in a fairly large flowerbed in the front, complete with retaining blocks. We've got some stuff left to do so we can get the damn final grade approval over with. I bought a portable A/C unit that I have to hook up and jimmy a setup for our window. We are putting in a fence in about a month and that's weighing on my mind. Oh and the air quality has been bad this year, Amber's asthma has been particularly bad, plus we think Xavier might be heading down the asthma trail too.

So .. yeah.. I don't post because I don't know what exactly to post. I could post and just complain but what's the use of that? I could post and rant about stuff, but if you've read my blog for awhile (which you 7 readers have) you've heard it all before. I have no new rants, I have nothing specifically inspiring me, and I'm completely unfocused.

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